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This is Ridiculous

 November has not been conducive to writing like it should have been. I am taking a holiday until the first of December but frankly, I don't have the energy for much beyond reading and getting ready for Christmas. I will post on the days I have the energy but do not expect more than one post a week at my current level.

Famous Bridges

  Si-o-se Pol Si-o-se Pol at night, Isfahan, Iran  |  © Ahura21/WikiCommons Also known as the Allāhverdi Khan Bridge,  Iran ’s  Si-o-se Pol  (which translates as ‘Bridge of 33 Arches’) dates back to 1602 and stretches across the Zayandeh Rood River in Isfahan, connecting its historical main avenue Chahar Bagh with the neighborhood of New Jolfa. Commissioned by Shah Abbas I of Persia, Si-o-se Pol is almost 300 meters long and 14 meters wide and is considered one of the world’s finest examples of Safavid dynasty era bridge design. Alongside the equally impressive, but slightly younger Pol-e Khaju built in 1650 and the ancient Pol-e Shahrestan, dating back as far as the 3rd century, Si-o-se Pol is one of 11 bridges in Isfahan.


  Kindness Good for you and good for the receiver. A few years ago there was a Pay-It-Forward site that was all about kindness. This year I heard about a group of women who give each other gift baskets to cheer them up, that on a less personal basis would be about kindness as well. Kindness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, both kindness to yourself and kindness to others, it feeds the soul part of the equation. A Keen Mind + A Strong Body + A Pure Soul = A Healthy Lifestyle A Pure Soul is not one that has never done wrong but one that has helped people in any way they can. Does that make sense?

Diabetes 101

 So I finally got my meter on Saturday and have been testing my blood first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day. As I suspecter the Berberine is doing a splendid job with keeping my blood sugar in normal range. There is the small issue of a major spike after I break my fast in the morning. An hour after it is in the 14 mmol range and 8/9 after two hours. Testing after lunch is a similar story. I am not sure what to do about that but I am researching it as I write this so by the end I should have some ideas on what to do. What’s a spike, and why do they happen? After-meal, or “postprandial,” spikes are temporary high  blood glucose levels  that occur soon after eating. It is normal for the level of glucose in the blood to rise a small amount after eating, even in people who do not have diabetes. However, if the rise is too high, it can affect your quality of life today and contribute to serious health problems down the road. —  Learn More About Blood Glucose Manage

Remembrance Day

  Remembrance day celebration's Online. I was supposed to research foods and decorations to celebrate the day at home but after careful thought, I think not. A minute of silence is a better way and a reading of Flanders Fields quite appropriate.

Step two: Layout Design

 Decisions: These are the "Givens & Druthers".  Do you want to freelance the railroad or copy a prototype?  What kinds of  equipment  (locomotives and cars) do you want to run?  You may want to add your own rules like what you want the height of the layout to be, how wide the aisles should be if you have aisles, and you may want to make sure that all areas of the railroad have easy access, so you're not having to break your back bending over or stand on a ladder or scaffolding to reach the farther sections of your track and scenery.  If you are creating this railroad by yourself,  you may want to start with a small layout and add to it later gradually.  I will probably be freelancing it cause that's what I do. What kind of cars? I like steam engines so that is what I want for my personal railroad. But what category? I like the idea of a passenger train with a sleeping car, a dining car and a baggage car. Like the steam idea, this gives me a choice with the backdro