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November todo


Emotional Intelligence - Resources Here is what I know, I am tired. This has been a long moth almost like a February but much more active. I plan to post in November on the regular but I also want to concentrate on a couple of other things like writing 5000 words a day as part of National Writing Month in addition to what I post here.

Body & Balance


Bake & Decorate - Remembrance Day

 "In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow" Poppies are the symbol for this day and as such should be prominent in your decorations. Even if it is just a bouquet of poppies on your table do something to show your support of the men and women who died to defend our right to live as we want. If you are a little more creative you can try one of these wreaths for your front door. For now, see what you can find and check out my board for other ideas . I'll talk more about this as we get closer to the day.

I'm Just Me Because ...

 Last week was a strange week for me. I always have a hard time adjusting to sleeping alone after the Professor goes back home but it was worse than usual this time and I don't know why. I was sleeping 2hrs here & 2 hrs there and on Thursday It was more like 30 minutes here and there. Then Friday I slept most of the day spending only about 4 hours awake during the whole day. Saturday I was awake a bit more but that was because I was expecting the littles and forced myself to get up & prepare. The funny part is that the days I was not sleeping I had more energy and manage to clean or straighten my whole apartment. I am not sure why that was. Hopefully this week I have settled back into my usual schedule so far so good but time will tell.

Why Art Matters

 Why does Art Matter? And, if truth be told, I don't really believe that art is escapist. I believe that art provides a sensory experience that, on the contrary, can be restorative. Art gives our eyes and mind a chance to rest, to muse, to think. Looking at art, we reconnect with our inner spirit, a spirit that is rich in thoughts, feelings, and dreams, a spirit that can't be bankrupted, no matter what is happening in the financial markets. Though that was written in 2009 it still holds true today perhaps more than ever. With all that this year has brought Art has become even more important. Art is creation, a reminder that no matter how gray our world is right now there is a light just around the corner. The arts matter because they are local and relevant to the needs and wishes of local people. They help citizens to express their needs and to clothe them in memorable forms. They offer a way of expressing ideas and wishes that ordinary politics do not allow. The arts regener

Red Chili

 Red Chili also known as Chili Con Carne is something I've known about most of my adult life and was the second recipe I adapted to suit my prefered style of cooking which includes lots & lots of vegetables you would not consider putting in chili, like carrots. The standard chili recipe includes a tomato sauce of some sort (I use canned spaghetti sauce), ground beef, onions, celery, peppers & kidney beans( again I use canned). You stick it in a pot on medium if you want it fast or on low if you want it good. I only add two spices one, of course, is Chili powder the other is an Italian herb mix that I picked up at the grocery store. Add these to taste. ( I usually end up using a quarter cup of chilli powder and a couple of tablespoons of the Italian mix but then I like my chili moderately spicy). For an added kick just before serving mix in a couple of teaspoons of Tabasco sauce. I cook it for several hours on low for the tastes to mix and for the meat & vegetables to c