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Cholesterol: HDL vs LDL

 It begins here! To lower Cholesterol without medication you first need to know the difference between good fat and bad fat. HDL(good fat) is processed by the liver and excreted from the body LDL(bad fat) is the stuff that sticks and blocks your arteries which leads to all kinds of heart issues Next you need to know how to boost the good fat and that is where this first article comes in. Dr Axe is a well known public forum Doctor and on his web site he has several articles related to heart health including Lowering Cholesterol & Blood Pressure without medication.

Yoga & Self Care

  At the Get Healthy U website this is only one of several articles related to Yoga. The link will take you to clear written instructions if you don't recognize the poses to help you along. None of these require any difficult movements like standing on your shoulders but they are intense enough to serve as a start. Some other articles here are: Beginner's Guide to Yoga Regain Flexibility Over 50 Flexibility vs Mobility: And Why you Should Care

Chicken & Rice 4 ways- Way 2

 Source ONE PAN SPANISH CHICKEN AND RICE Easy one pan Spanish chicken and rice is made with simple seasoning that come together with zesty, bold flavors in this one pot, 30 minute meal. 4.78  from  130  votes PRINT   PIN   RATE Prep Time:  5   MINUTES Cook Time:  25   MINUTES Total Time:  30   MINUTES Servings:  4   PEOPLE INGREDIENTS 4   boneless skinless chicken breasts,  OR 6 chicken thighs 3   tablespoons   vegetable or canola oil 1   cup   uncooked white rice 2 1/4   cups   low sodium chicken broth 1   lemon chopped cilantro or parsley, for garnish Spanish seasoning mix 2   teaspoons   smoked paprika 1   teaspoon   garlic powder 1   teaspoon   salt 1   teaspoons   ground cumin 1   teaspoon   chili powder 1   teaspoon   coriander  (see note) 1/4   teaspoon   Italian seasoning Get Ingredients Powered by Chicory INSTRUCTIONS In a small bowl whisk together all ingredients for the Spanish seasoning mix. Divide in half and set aside. Cut the lemon in half, then thinly slice one half - f

Healthy Aging Week 2

  Healthy Aging is the Web site I have been checking out. If you are interested they also publish a magazine of the same name. Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself? I have and I plan to do it again. As I mentioned I am approaching my 60ith birthday and I have been changing several things in my life albeit very slowly. One of those things is healthy living, particularly paying attention to my eating habits and the amount of movement I do during the day. Today I am sharing ten tips from the web site that will give you an idea of how to celebrate your age not hate it. 10 Tips for Reinventing Yourself during September Is Healthy Aging ®  Month: Do not act your age  or at least what you think your current age should act like. What was your best year so far? 28? 40? Now? Picture yourself at that age and be it. Some people may say this is denial, but we say it’s positive thinking and goes a long way toward feeling better about yourself. (Tip:  Don’t keep looking in the mirror, just FEEL

Sewing Month Week 1

 I have been sewing by hand for a long time but recently decided to up my game by getting a sewing machine. There are some nice inexpensive ones for kids and I started on one of those, the only thing is I have had a difficult time with sewing machines so I'm a little leery around them. I am slowly overcoming that but it is slow because I seem to have lost a good portion of my patience lately. To sew you need:  a needle thread fabric scissors a pattern of some sort Nice to have are: Square ruler for straight edges a sewing machine a table to work on a rotary cutter & cutting board This is a basic sewing kit for hand sewing I linked each item with Amazon items, as much as possible they are samples of my own tools. No, I don't make money if you click the links at this time I have no affiliates although if I chose one or two Amazon would be at the top of that list. Tips: You can find most of the beginners' items at a dollar store or a thrift shop including patterns and book

Better Breakfast Week 1

 W e all experience "morning madness" — whether it's a time crunch, picky eaters or kids without morning appetites, many things can make for a stressful morning. Breakfast, however, is really an important meal! Research shows that breaking an overnight fast with a balanced meal can make a significant difference in overall health and well-being, in particular for children and teens. Eating a smart breakfast can help improve behaviour and school performance, as well as foster a healthy weight. And, if you skip breakfast hoping to lose weight, it may have the opposite effect. By starting the day with a balanced meal, you're less likely to overeat later in the day. The good news is that healthy breakfast options are available no matter what morning hurdles you face. Make time for your morning meal with these simple solutions . A better breakfast can start with something as simple as instant oatmeal or can be as complicated as Breakfast Tacos. It doesn't require you to

Saturday Stuff

    According to the Complete Gentleman , September is hat month . Now I don't know any aspiring gentlemen, I am honestly sure if they exist still but it was fun to read about it.  Since women wear hats too I think we can celebrate right along with them though I suppose our fall hats would definitely be a bit fancier than the male version. For some reason, most men don't like pretty things they prefer them plain. I am tempted to go to the thrift shop to see if I could find a fedora or some similar hat and pretty it up for me to wear. I prefer turbans or beanies but it would be fun I thought. Then I saw this infographic and realized through women prefer brighter colours they are all still kind of plain.  I am a bit bohemian so I would still want to add roses or feathers to any of these hats to please myself. Now to celebrate Hat Month 1) Wear a hat every day but especially on the last week of September because that is Hat Week 2) Try a few different hat types, maybe you will fin