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Thursday Things: Left Handed Drawing

Drawing: There are several drawing exercises on this page that help you improve your drawing by switching up your hands. Not only is it helpful with your drawing but it will also help with your brain. Any puzzle is a good puzzle and this one can be very puzzling. Creative Live where I got the page above is another good place to exercise you drawing and your brain

Wednesday Canning- 5 W's and an H on Canning?

 Who, What, When Where, Why and How? Anyone can do canning, preserving the fall harvest is a time-honoured tradition that can be done at home with the right instructions. Instructions are available on many web sites and books abound . At this time of year you can even find the odd class. If following a video is too much for you check out this written version . Research first then if it sounds good time to give it a try.

Tuesday Tips- Hair Care

I have a few complaints about my hair that I expect few people share and I'm not bragging here only stating facts. There is no curl in my hair and perm curls don't last long and forget about using a curling iron it falls out in half an hour My hair grows so fast that I can go from 3/4" in June to 10" in October which is why every June I get it cut to that 3/4" My hair is very thick, so thick that when it gets too long it gives me a headache from the weight of it and when it is hot outside it feels like I'm wearing a wool hat. The hair strands are very fine and oily which means it needs to be washed every day to prevent build-up. Now I am sure many of you are complaining because I call these problems. They are problems because it takes a lot of care to keep it looking nice and I just don't have the energy to do it. Again why I get my hair cut off in June easier to take care of that way. When my hair was long (mid-back) I had to wash it every day and it wou

Monday Makes - Watermelon

Watermelon Pinwheel Sometimes you just got to have some fun! Let your inner child play, when I came across this craft I thought looks like fun! Pinwheels are so cool I can watch them for hours as they spin in the wind, I find it quite relaxing as well.  Watermelon Sun Catche r This one calls for "clear shelf liner self-adhesive" . I have used Con-tact before and prefer it to other brands. Check out the Amazon link above to get an idea of what they are talking about. It is not really expensive and you get enough for this craft and to actually put a shelf liner on your cabinets if you want, Remember this stuff can be used nearly anywhere you need a clear cover I'll probably use mine to put a dust cover on some of my dioramas For more ideas on how to bring a watermelon into your life without the mess check out "The Inspiration Edit" for some other ideas

Sunday Sandwich: Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese Food historians generally agree that cooked bread and cheese combinations [in many different forms, textures and tastes] were ancient foods known across most continents and cultures. The earliest recipes for food like these are found in Ancient Roman cookbooks. Modern grilled cheese sandwiches descended from these ancient recipes. Who invented the grilled cheese Americans know today? We will never know, but we can (given the ingredients) place it in time. Culinary evidence suggests our modern grilled cheese (consisting of processed cheese and sliced white bread) began in the 1920s. That's when  affordable sliced bread  and inexpensive American cheese hit the market. Government issue cookbooks tell us World War II Navy cooks broiled hundreds of "American cheese filling sandwiches" in ship's kitchens. This makes sense. The sandwich was economical, easy to make, met government nutrition standards. Why is Grilled Cheese paired with Tomato Soup? Post-WWII in

Saturday Sweat: Weeding

Before After 15 minutes in the hot sun I managed to clan out one box. Finding some late summer seeds to put in them is another thing altogether

Fiction Friday- A Letter

To Unit K7 From Unit K5 Hello I wish to address our conversation last Thursday. I understand that having Cancer is a real downer but it does not give you the right to knock on my door and bitch at me. As I told you then we are all dying some of us are just dying faster than others. You looked a little taken aback by that, I guess most people cut you some behavioural slack due to your supposed condition. I must say though for someone with cancer you looked pretty healthy and you certainly seemed to have a lot of energy. I also noticed you still have your hair so either you refused Chemo or are in remission. If there are signs of imminent death I did not see them and since you have been here as long as I have been it must be progressing really slow. I am not an unfeeling person indeed some people would say I feel too much. Be that as it may, let me explain why I was doing laundry during the time you had reserved. My usual time to do my laundry is Monday morning between 10AM & 12PM as