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If you are not a knitter the term UFO may mean flying saucers but that is not what I'm talking about. If you are a crafter chances are you have several of these. A UFO is crafter slang for an Unfinished Object. I have several that are in various stages of completion and I have been looking for a way to get moving on them. I am hoping SCAMPER is that thing. The SCAMPER Concept  MANIPULATION IS THE BROTHER OF CREATIVITY, says Michael Michalko, author of Tinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques.  “When your imagination is as blank as a waiter’s stare,” he writes, turn to the concept of SCAMPER.  What, exactly, is meant by SCAMPER? It’s a checklist of idea-generating questions, some of which were first suggested by Alex Osborn, a creativity pioneer. Later, they were arranged into this mnemonic by Bob Eberle:  S ubstitute something.  C ombine it with something else. A dapt something to it.  M odify or magnify it.  P ut it to some other use.  E liminate something.  R everse

Depression Era Cooking: Breakfast

Depression-era breakfast was often in the form of very cheap foods like breads or corn. Corn was often used as cornmeal or polenta. People would drink coffee and tea as part of breakfast or the only thing in the morning. Families had to be frugal and this lead to a lot of repeat breakfasts without luxuries like meat. If you would like to take a nod from the depression era and make cheap but filling depression-era breakfasts for your family, here are some great  Frugal and Filling Depression Era Breakfasts . Put 2 cups  of  cornmeal  mix in a large bowl. Add a tablespoon or  two  of sugar if you like slightly sweet cornbread. If  making  the batter with buttermilk, add 1/ 2  teaspoon of baking soda. In another bowl, whisk 1 1/3  cups  of milk or about 1 3/4  cups  of buttermilk with 1 large egg. Normally I would add pictures of the version I made but right now I am not ab

Men's Health: Physical Health

Let's start off with why as women this is an issue we need to know about. Most of us have a man or men in our lives that we feel responsible for (is that the right word? Not sure) be it a brother, partner or son. We as women tend to worry more about them than they do about themselves so it is a good idea to know more about their health. I have a couple of stubborn men in my life that I sometimes have to nag about taking care of themselves. It is a fact that women live longer than men, on average about five years longer. That is better than the seven it used to be but is still an issue of concern. As we age so do they and a lot of common physical issues are shared. The Professor and I dealt with a sudden heart attack a few years ago, he is doing better now but it was beyond scary at the time. That is only one item. As we go through this month I will focus on different areas of men's health and how we can help. Besides cardiovascular health we need to be aware of

Summer Solstice Part 1

Summer Solstice is also known as the first day of summer, Midsummer and Litha. Traditionally people celebrated renewal, life, the potential for a good harvest, inner and outer abundance, ascension, and the full return of the light of the sun on the summer solstice. It is also the day to commune with the faerie folk as the veil between our worlds are thinner at this time.  It is a solar festival & a fire festival, it is a time of great joy but also a bit of sadness as we know the days will be getting shorter after this day as the night slowly comes back into power. There are many gods and goddesses associated with this day one of these is my goddess Aphrodite in her most sexy phase. I am not as inclined as I once was to celebrate this day in her honour the way it was meant to be honoured but I can and will express a wish to her for the continued health of my sexual apparatus. Preparing my altar for the ceremony is my first step. One of the first things I change is the symbols on it

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables : #Add Colour to your diet!

So here is the 411 on adding fruits & vegetables to your diet. Eat a Rainbow! It is that simple but wait there is one more thing,  a serving is 1/2 of a cup for most fruits & vegetables. The recommended intake of both fruits & vegetables per day is 3.5 cups. That is 3.5 cups of all of them combined. If you think about it that really isn't a lot. 1/2 to 1 cup from each colour provides your whole daily needs and then some. One way to keep the cost low and the nutrition high is to use fruits & vegetables for smoothies. A half-cup of frozen fruit & a half cup of milk (or substitute) will make a thick smoothie that can be eaten like a pudding. Add more liquid and it becomes thinner and it also changes from 1 serving to two.  You can use fresh fruit & vegetables to make your own smoothie mixes that can be frozen for a quick snack later. You can   find a few ideas here . Plus below are some other ideas on how to add more colour to your diet. My t

African-American Music Appreciation: Tribal Music

In the beginning, there was the tribal music of home. Then came slavery and a new form of music that the field hands and others used to communicate and keep a rhythm to help with the work Many of the characteristic musical forms that define African-American music have historical precedents. These earlier forms include:  field hollers ,  beat boxing ,  work song   , spoken word ,  rapping ,  scatting ,  call and response ,  vocality  (or special vocal effect: guttural effects, interpolated vocality,  falsetto ,  melisma , vocal rhythmization),  improvisation ,  blue notes , polyrhythms ( syncopation , concrescence, tension, improvisation, percussion,  swung note ), texture ( antiphony ,  homophony ,  polyphony ,  heterophony ) and  harmony  (vernacular  progressions ; complex,  multi-part harmony , as in  spirituals ,  Doo Wop , and  barbershop music ). [1]  

River's & Water Part 1: Introduction

I am lucky to live in Ontario which means any time I feel the need to listen to the soothing tones of a river or lake I can find one nearby. In fact from where I live there are three bodies of water within walking distance. They are Jackson Creek which goes under the city coming up in several places, the Otonabee River and Little Lake and that is just in the city it doesn't include the surrounding area. For the fact-oriented people, Ontario is home to 250, 000 lakes and a 100,000 km of rivers. 1/6th of our province is water so this month I will be looking at rivers and water and the particular impact they have on our lives daily. Below is one piece of the Trent River near our local university By GTD Aquitaine - Own work (Original text: self-made), Public Domain, All water is connected. Every raindrop, lake, underground river and glacier is part of a single global well. Water has the power to change everything -- a single spla