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Introducing #Tools2Thrive & #GetReal

In the USA May is Mental Health Month their theme this year is #Tools2Thrive and I will be posting material from them on Friday's & Saturday's. #Tools2Thrive is a set of five readings & 5 worksheets to help you developed resiliency & thrive at any time. May 4-May 10 is Mental Health Week in Canada and during that week I'll be posting #GetReal which is the Canadian theme. #GetReal is about "social connection" and its importance to mental health Friday 8th & Saturday 9th you will see two posts from me, one for each theme.

Hairstyle Appreciation

I have been blessed or cursed depending on rather you are asking me or other people with hair that grows fast, (I'm talking six inches in a year), that is fine not coarse and that is very thick. If I let it grow too long it gets so heavy that I get headaches from the weight. Hair like that feels like a wool cap in the summer so June first is the day I go get my annual haircut. This year I do not know if I can get that done, if not I'm gonna get a pair of electric clippers & have my son-in-law give me a brush cut. Usually about this time of year I start looking into hair cuts so I'll have an idea of what to tell Kym, my hairdresser, when I get there. I'm bored, you are probably bored so take a look at these six hair cuts & tell me which one you like the best            

International Dance

This is supposed to be a day of coming together and watching a dance performance, with social distancing that is not possible so I thought I would look at it from a different point of view. I want to be able to dance like no one is watching but alas one stupid memory from my childhood keeps getting in the way. Fever dreams are not nice things especially at six years old, they stick with you your whole life. I guess I want to share it since I keep talking about it. It is possible you have heard this story before. I will do it in two parts first the fever dream and then the original memory. I had watched my first ever ballet on TV the night before, I think it was "Swan Lake". I was a bright and energetic six year old though I was well on my way to being a loner at that time. This was the incident that finished the job. So, it was late June and it was a bright day. I decided I wanted to dance as I had seen the ballet dancers do it and I began to dance with the shadows. I became

Covid-19 & Your Mental Health

If I were a Superhero

If I were a superhero I would want to be one you don't know exists. I would like to be one that can read minds & emotions and have the skills to help people to become healthier. I imagine my alter ego would be a psychiatrist or doctor. would not, could not cure the whole world but I would be able to help those most in need. I would be the defender of the abused, passing their pain and hopelessness to the abuser. Given that abused becomes abuser quite often I would make it my mission to stop as much as possible in this generation so the next generation could live happier lives. I would that I could be such a person! What kind of superhero would you want to be?

What's coming up in May

Next month I'm doing things a little differently because I feel that right now everyone needs to know this. I know what has been happening with my own mental health and I must assume I am not alone. I am especially concerned about children & adults caught in an abusive situation as their lives may be in danger. I need you to reach out to the ones who you know are in a dangerous place either by phone or video chat and give them what support you can. If you are able, remove them from the situation, if you are not at least let them know someone cares enough to keep in touch. I fear the deaths from domestic violence will be higher than the deaths from the pandemic. Do You Know Your Tools2Thrive? While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health. The good news is there are practical tools that everyone can use to improve their mental health and increase resiliency - and there are ways tha


I am so tired, make that depressed what ever you want to call it that all I really want to do is sleep & read all day. I am trying to get a proper writing plan together for May and just can't get my thoughts around it. I plan to do my best to fill each day but I think this May will be a copy and paste month. As you go through, (if you go through) each of the weekly mental health entries for the month I will also be doing the reading and working on the exercises. They will be posted Friday (reading) and Saturday (practice). If you want to follow along just right click and save as. You can open them in Word as a picture or in Microsoft Photo or another photo app to read them as they are a bit too small to read on the blog page. Sunday to Thursday are where I'm having problems deciding what to publish but I will try to post every day still. It is the one thing that I can do besides reading & sleep.