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Move Your Body Music

After looking at pictures yesterday I decided it was time to move my body! Enjoy the music  

First Flower of Spring

"Dandelions are thought to have evolved about thirty million years ago in Eurasia; they have been used by humans for food and as a herb for much of recorded history" LOL well let's face it they are usually the first flower you see because there are so m any and they grow everywhere! I had planned for today to be something else but I'm stuck inside and dandelions are so bright and cheerful that I decided to see if I could find a picture to share. I hope it cheered you up as much as it did me. One of the places I looked  says that we should rethink our habit of removing them because they have become an important source of food for bees and butterflies as well as having many culinary uses for humans.  

Funny 404 Errors

Do you know what a 404 error is? It is the page you see when the computer can't find the page you are looking for. Some of them are quite amusing and I needed a smile today. Enjoy! Want to see more funny 404 pages? Check out the Creative Bloq ! Yeah that's how they spell it. :)

Weed Out Hate

This follows along with my theme from yesterday. It is the most important step we can take to make diversity a reason for celebration not condemnation! We have all met the haters, the ones who are vocal in their dislike and those that are not. Indeed all of us hate something but to hate based on race, age, religion or physical abilities is stupid. Since killing the bigots is just another form of hate it is not an option. So what can we do? Well since bigotry starts at home you need to start teaching children the minute they enter the education system that everybody is beautiful & has something to contribute. While this may not counteract the negativity at home it does give the children something to compare it to and a choice. Hate is always a choice! There is another form of hate that is insidious and which causes a lot more damage to my mind. Yeah I'm talking about self-hate. Most of you know it in some form or another. Did you know that most self-hate starts with a single car

Extraordinary Diversity

“When people usually talk about diversity, they only think about race, color of skin, or gender—when diversity includes many more things, such as disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, age, and more,”    Within ourselves, we have many things that make us unique but we forget that uniqueness is not unique. In the world, every human being is different from every other human being and yet ... We have far more similarities than differences from the head, two arms, two legs basic shape to the interior organs that we need to function like our heart & lungs. But what about the ones who are physically different without limbs ... their brain still functions, their hearts can still be broken and without lungs, none of us would be alive at all! Without a brain, a heart & a lung we are just so much meat. 'K getting a bit off track back to the main point of this entry. Without diversity, the world would be a very boring place! Imagine for a moment ... everyone looks like

Day of Hope - Covid-19 My personal view

We all need a little hope right now what with this pandemic. Covid-19 is no laughing matter but as I always say a laugh a day keeps the doctor away and these parody's made me laugh. Side note: you see there is no bucket list for this month that because I only have one wish for April- To live through this pandemic and maybe see it's decline! I am under semi-voluntary house arrest ... why semi-voluntary? Because my children, grand-children & the Professor all figure I'm high risk but it's spring & I don't want to be stuck inside all the time! Even if it isn't that different from my life during the winter... Stomp's foot! Damn it! It's Spring and I was looking forward to going outside again after the snows. Besides, it is annoying as hell knowing I can't go outside. Let me explain. When it was my idea to stay indoors I liked it just fine but right now it feels like I'm 13 and grounded, again. I don't much like having

Women Comedians

How many female comedians can you name? There are a lot out there starting with one of my favourites Carol Brunette with a sketch that seemed appropriate given what happened at the beginning of the month entitled "Toilet Tissue" Next up on the list in my head is Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live. Her Roseanne Roseannadanna isn't available in Canada for some reason but I found this one. No way to actually see her but the story is cute. Third, on my list is  Phyllis Diller  is the first woman comedian ever. She is fantastic! Hope you enjoy the Laughter!