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Learning about Weather

Today's post thanks to Checkiday Learning Simplified National Weatherperson's Day celebrates the science of meteorology, and honors those who work in fields related to meteorology and weather forecasting, who provide Americans with weather, water, and climate forecasts and warning services, to keep people and property safe, and to help people better plan their days. It recognizes those who are members of the National Weather Service (NWS), volunteer spotters and observers, those that work at commercial weather companies, television newscasters, and others. The local National Weather Service gathers weather data, analyzes it, and issues forecasts and warnings. Over time, improved NWS forecasts have kept more people safe. Marine and aviation forecasts help the economy, and spot forecasts help firefighters control wildfires. More than 11,000 volunteer observers help the NWS by taking measures of data such as temperature and precipitation. About 300,000 volunteer storm spot

Remembering Liberace

Liberace from Allan Warren Mr Showmanship is what they called him! From child prodigy to an entertainer known for elaborate outfits and spectacular theatre. He was also commercially savvy parlaying his talent into a multi-million dollar business with himself as the product. Liberace - A Gershwin Medley - The Liberace Show

I Make A Carrot Cake

I had the devil's own time finding a carrot cake that didn't have sugar as the first or second ingredient, not only that but most of them called for 2 cups of sugar! 2 cups! Needless to say that wasn't going to work for me at all. I found one that I could consider because it was a vegan version that used agave syrup in place of the sugar but it needed grapeseed oil and I wasn't sure if I could find that. In the end I looked for one with the lowest amount of sugar possible to add then reviewed an article on baking with sugar & sugar substitutes on all-recipes I settled on this one because it only needed 2/3 cup of white sugar compared to the 2 cups I'd seen up til then. It also used applesauce as well as pineapple for moisture making it healthier still.  Wish me Luck! This is how it turned out:

Self Renewal

Self Renewal is the act or process of renewing oneself. We renew ourselves by investing a little time in silence, by reaching for calm in our usual hectic days and by just being present in a moment of time. Smile when you wake up, I mean a real smile it will lighten your mood and brighten your day. Stop now and again to take 3 deep breaths, bonus points for doing it outside or standing in front of your open front door or by an open window. This brings strong fresh oxygen to your brain and in the process chases away the fuzziness that sometimes happens to make it easier for your brain to work and energizing yourself in the process. Be present in the moment (mindfulness). Sit quietly with both feet on the floor and breathe slowly and gently. Listen, smell, feel the space you are in and let it calm you. Got a tub? Fill it with water only a little warmer than your body and allow yourself to float add some essential oil or a scented candle. Breathe in the scent and breathe out the s

Learning to Hula

I admit to a certain fascination with dance but none more so than the ones that use the body to convey a message. Hula is one of those. Today according to Checkiday is Hula in the Coola Day and while I won't be having a luau in the snow I am going to try and learn one of the dances. There is a web site called Hula Dance HQ which has all sorts of information on Hula including a whole section on How to Hula . I chose the first one to learn because it is fairly simple. Its called Hakilau Dance As with all Hula it tells a story. In this case it tells the following story: On Hukilau, the entire village helps to pull in the fishnets. After the day is done, a luau is held and everyone sings and dances. The dance is done in an illustration of swimming, pulling in nets and overall festivity. Here is a video illustrating what it should look like: No, I am not going to show you a video of my version! Check out Hula Dance HQ if you want to learn to do this yourself. Just for

Plans for February

I've included the probable blog posts as well so you can pick and choose what to read. Below is my todo list.

Inspire Your Heart With Art

I know the calendar says "Big Wigs" but honestly I don't wear them and know next to nothing about them so why bother? I know most of the time I would be curious and go looking, I just don't want to today. Source Art is a fundamental part of the creative. Without art we would have few inspirations for things we want to try. All creatives know if you don't feed your mind the heart goes out of your work. That is true, I have experienced long periods where I made nothing because I could conceive of nothing. Always something in my life usually a wave of anger or sadness would lead me back into the creative side of my being demanding to be expressed somehow. Sometime I would get a commission like the bat houses that demanded me to create and sometimes that helps too. I don't go looking for commissions but sometimes I need a deadline to get the creative neurons moving again. I used to collect images, a library if you like of styles, colours etc that would c