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Keto: What is it?

Keto or Ketogenic refers to a low-carb high-fat diet that gets most of its calories from protein and fat similar to Atkins and other low-carb diets. It is reputed to lower blood sugars and insulin. That much sounds like what the guide tells us but the guide also tells us to keep our meat (the main source of protein) and fats to a minimum. While this sounds like good news for diabetics there is one small problem. If you have Type 1 diabetes it can cause your body to poison itself. Ketones (the chemical by-product it creates) can make you sick. On web-md there is a clear warning to check with a doctor before you try a ketogenic diet. For people who suffer from type 2, prediabetes and metabolic syndrome it can be very effective in combating them and reducing our dependence on Metformin and other medications used to combat them. Source:  Dashti HM, et al.  Beneficial effects of ketogenic diet in obese diabetic subjects .  Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry , 2008. That is w

Spaghetti From Scratch

I found this recipe on for homemade spaghetti . It only needed four ingredients all of which I had on hand. Flour, eggs, olive oil and a bit of water, that's all I needed to make real fresh pasta. I decided I would do it mainly so I would get to try out my GD#1's pasta maker. She has been staying with me for a month now and will be here until the end of the school year probably. Back to the subject. I always thought making homemade pasta would be labour intensive, turns out not so much. Mind you I did use a silicone mat so I would have a clean and cleanable surface to work on. I found it so interesting that I forgot to take pictures until I had my dough made. It really is simple though as long as you make the well in the flour deep enough it can hold your eggs. I didn't do that and ended up rushing the blending part a bit to keep them from running away. The hardest part for me was the kneading, 1) Because I was not sure I remember how; 2) My arms a

Sleep - How Important is it?

  Festival of Sleep Day celebrates all types of sleep. It is a day for sleeping in, taking naps, or not even getting out of bed in the first place. After all, it is a festival, so it should be celebrated to the fullest. It likely happens when it does because the holidays have just ended, and people never seem to get enough sleep during them. This makes it an ideal time for catching up on sleep, especially because some students aren't even back in school yet, and some workers are still on vacation.  Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise for maintaining health. Among its many   benefits , it allows the body to rest, recharge, and heal, and it helps with memory function. It should take a person about ten to fifteen minutes to fall asleep; those who take less than five minutes to snooze may be sleep deprived. Exercising can help those who have a hard time falling asleep, and it will improve their sleep quality as well Celebrate the day by catching up on sleep! Sl

Get healthy!

I have quit asking the gods to make me thinner and am asking them how I can live healthily. There is so much hype out there for weight loss and wellness but little of it seems to assist you with maintaining motivation. I don't know about you but motivation is a big factor for me what with the constant body pain and unexpected mental shifts all the time. I decided to do some research to see if I could find some advice on how to remain motivated today.  Google found 25 million web sites that focused on maintaining motivation for weight loss alone not to mention the seven other possible search terms I could use. Once I set my search to how to stay motivated I accidentally switched to the videos list, Youtube also had a ton of offerings. I had to set some kind of criteria for myself so I could find something relevant to me that also seemed possible. My Criteria: 1) It had to be simple 2) It had to be cheap 3) It had to be possible with my issues 4) It had to be suita

Happy New Year

Notes to self: Keep on keeping on Wear a smile every day Do unto others as you would have them do to you Remember to be thankful for what I have others have far less 2020: A new year, a new decade, a new hope. My main goal this year is to take care of my health and my mind. I have a few things that are absolutely necessary if I'm going to see the end of this decade. First and foremost is I have got to get control of my diabetes. To aid me in this I have invested in a tester and have begun recording what I eat and how I feel maybe that way I can catch a low time before it gets too bad The depression is under medical control now but I would like to be able to lose one or the other of the anti-depressants by the end of the year and have it under natural control I want to have a sharp mind well into my 90's so I need to keep my brain active too. I will be looking at various ways I can do that including doing word puzzles. I created a vision board and a bucket

Getting Ready for 2020

December is here which means it's time to start planning for 2020. Of course there are other things to get through like Christmas. I may or may not write every day this month but for certain come the last week of December I'll be working through a lot of different exercises and planning sessions for the upcoming year. I will try to work through everything here so you can play along. In the meantime, if you haven't yet get yourself a new journal for 2020 get one and gather up your favourite art supplies. Have a great day

Hello December

Web site More Info Well, it's here, the last month of the year. So much to do in the next 4 weeks. Thankfully my Christmas Shopping is done so it's just a matter of getting through the family and craft stuff. I'm going to be sharing my kitchen this month but I hope to make a couple of things featuring oranges and sweet potatoes. I'll share if I do.