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September Goals

See that sunflower? it stands in the middle of our garden. We have one other already open and half a dozen that will open over the next week. It is a beautiful thing. September is such an inbetween month that using it for a bit of winter prep makes sense. Have a good month! Live, Love, Laugh

A Rant

Yesterday was supposed to be a fun day but it nearly became a disaster twice. The second stemmed from the first so I'll begin there. I have trouble with my memory a lot. Forgetting words, forgetting what I'm looking for and forgetting things I need to do whatever it is I'm doing that day. More than once I've left my ODSP papers at home when I needed them to get a bus pass or medication. Before they changed the process at the pharmacy, I was glad I no longer needed a drug card. Last month we were supposed to take GS#1 & GS#2 to the circus but I gave the tickets away. I made a decision that caused all kinds of problems between the professor and my daughter and between both of them and me. I did not intentionally lie indeed I didn't really lie at all. I was working from a false assumption. The professor had kept saying he wasn't sure, didn't want to take the boys because their disabilities might have caused some problems. He also seemed really tired so

Monday Morning

Well, I have completed inventorying my shelf. I got rid of three black garbage bags of stuff though there is still far too much there. I need to take a look at the top of it a bit closer though because there are a few things up there I am not sure about. This week I'll be tackling my desk and environs, it would be good to know what stamps I have, How many and what kind of paper punches I have among other things. Not today though, for some reason today I am very tired so other than packing a few books to make them easier to carry away I'm not going to be doing much. Every week it seems these days I end up sleeping most of a day. Usually, Monday which is supposed to be home cleaning day. Wednesday we will be taking GD#3 and GS#3 to Lego Land the good news is that that is the last trip of the summer. After that I will be concentrating on preparing for Christmas and the birthday yet to come including my 59th and my son's 40th, oh and GD#1 turns 21 all-important birthdays.

Secondhand Wardrobe Day

Vinnie's has opened a third store. I didn't know they had two already but that is what the article said. I know the building they have set up in, it used to be a funeral home. I am looking forward to going to check it out next month. Why next month because currently I have two cents to my name and I know if I go there I'm going to spend money. It is very seldom that I go there and don't buy at least one thing. But why am I mentioning that here? Well it turns out that there is a special day called  Secondhand Wardrobe Day . I did a search on google cause I wanted to see if there was much about it online. I should have known better. I got over four million hits. A lot of them were advertisements for various stores but I did find a couple of articles that looked promising. The first one talks about a "Zero Waste Wardrobe"  which I thought was a really good way to look at it. We all want to save money and help the environment and anything Zero Waste is good

What's Next?

With the bat houses done I'm looking for a new project to take me into the winter. I have lots of options as I found out as I was doing the inventory of my 5 x 5 shelf which is almost finished thank goodness only 3 more cubes to go, that one of them holds my yarn and knitting needles means that it won't be quick but still ... unless I plan to make inventory my project for the Fall. That would not be a bad idea come to think of it but it would hardly be creative. I need to keep my hands busy else I would probably just sleep all day and that most certainly is not good for me! Keeping my hands busy is what keeps my depression at a manageable level. As I was going through the boxes I discovered a lot of unfinished sewing projects which I think I need to make my first priority. I have the makings of three or four quilts and I have wanted a handmade quilt for my bed for a while now. Instead of buying one I'll just finish the ones I have that way all it costs me is time and ma

About the bat houses

I've been talking about bat houses all summer without really explaining what & why. At the beginning of the summer I was bored and wanted to make something challenging. I mentioned it to my landlady who said that they wanted bat houses for the garden. It is exactly what it sounds like a home for bats. Bats eat bugs and we have a lot of mosquitos around the building but we don't want bats living inside the building so ... bat houses. Once I found the design I asked my son to come by so I could get access to the tools and materials I needed. He surprised me by saying he would build them for me. So a few days later I had four bat houses. They looked like this: The second request by my landlady had been for them to be painted to represent the Hogwarts houses. The basic colours were simple enough but the animal significant to each houses shield was much more difficult and is what took me the longest time. What do you think about how they turned out?      

Just Talking

So far so good, I'm not 100 % yet but I am back to 75% of my norm in terms of pain and energy, as usual I just needed a few days rest Are their nerves in the breasts? I guess there must be but I never noticed any sensation there. Anyway I woke up this morning with the queerest pain in my right breast. Even the slightest contact sent a sharp pain from the top to the nipple. Entirely new pain for me. It is beyond annoying to find out just how many ways my body can hurt. I miss the days when I was basically numb everywhere. Onward into the day. My morning walk is complete, the gate is open and I am enjoying my morning coffee. I like having a donation box nearby, I can give away stuff much easier and I have found a couple of things I've been wanting including some decent chairs. Today I found a couple of those hangers that you can store more than one thing on. I've been wanting to try one of these for awhile. I think the weather is changing again as my sinuses are acti