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National Mutt Day

National Mutt Day celebrates mixed breed dogs, and was created by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert and animal advocate, who also created days such as  National Dog Day ,  National Puppy Day , and  National Cat Day . The goal of the day is to embrace, save, and celebrate mixed breed dogs by creating awareness about the great numbers of them in animal shelters that are in need of a home. Mixed breed dogs make up the largest percentage of dogs that are abandoned and euthanized, and make up about 80% of dogs in shelters. In an effort to further raise awareness, National Mutt Day takes place on two days during the year. The hoped for result of the day is that people visit animal shelters and adopt a mixed breed dog, or possibly donate their time and money to shelters. Celebrate the day by going to an animal shelter and adopting a mixed breed dog. If you can't adopt a dog at this time, volunteer at a shelter, or donate food, money, or other supplies to one. You c

International Day of Friendship

Friendship is important in all cultures of the world. When friendship can be fostered between two people of different groups or countries, it can build a foundation to create understanding and peace between their countries in the future. With this belief in mind, the United Nations General Assembly  proclaimed  July 30 each year to be the International Day of Friendship. They also intended for the day to support the objectives of some of their other initiatives, such as those of the  Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace , and of the  International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010) . On this day, the United Nations encourages governments, international organizations, and other groups to hold events that promote dialogue among civilizations, understanding, solidarity, and reconciliation. Many countries hold friendship-related events, and education and public awareness-raising activities. One focus is on inv

It's Raining Tigers

Tigers are one of my favourite big cats, my daughter used to be nuts about them she had them on every wall. There are many different type of tigers, if you are interested take a look at the infographic below: Did you Know? The tiger is the biggest species of the cat family. Tigers can reach a length of up to 3.3 metres (11 feet) and weigh as much as 300 kilograms (660 pounds). Subspecies of the tiger include the Sumatran Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, South China Tiger, Malayan Tiger and Indochinese Tiger. Many subspecies of the tiger are either endangered or already extinct. Humans are the primary cause of this through hunting and the destruction of habitats. Around half of tiger cubs don’t live beyond two years of age. Tiger cubs leave their mother when they are around 2 years of age. A group of tigers is known as an ‘ambush’ or ‘streak’. Tigers are good swimmers and can swim up to 6 kilometres. Rare white tigers carry a gene that is only p

Sunflower Days are coming

August is getting so close now! it is a big birthday month. My daughters is on the 3rd, the professors is on the 19th, GD#3's is on the 22 and my SIL's is on the 26th. October is our busiest birthday month but August is a close second. Also in August: 1) A visit with my doc regarding my diabetes 2) A visit to the foot nurse (every 3 months cause of the diabetes) 3) A trip to Legoland with GD#3 and GS#3 4) Toronto Zoo with GD#4 (or Woodbine if its raining) Projects that I want done by the end of August are: 1) Hogwarts Houses bat boxes (1 done, 3 to go) 2) Welcome sign for the garden gate 3) One fairy house 4) Downsizing - Finish bedroom August Style: 1) Fake Sunflowers for the table 2) Homemade iced tea in the fridge all month long 3) Decorate with yellow and black 4) Paint sunflower nails I don't have a bucket list for August because August is a very busy month as you can see. Live, Love, Laugh

Musical Interlude

Do you have an instrument that you like the sound of but only in small Quantities? For me, it is the bagpipes. Imagine my surprise when I came across the Red Hot Chili Pipers ! Read it twice then give them a listen. They are fantastic! Today we celebrate the bagpipes ! The instruments have long been associated with the Scottish Highlands, although they have come from many different places, and there are many variations of them. They have also been used in many different contexts. The main components of the bagpipe are the bag, chanter, and drones. The bag is usually made of animal skin or rubberized cloth. It is inflated either by having air breathed into it through a blowpipe or by using a  bellows . Air can then be fed throughout the instrument to make the sound, by placing arm pressure on the bag. The bag allows sound to be continuous while giving players the chance to take breaths, as well as for several tones to be played at the same time. The chanter, or melody pipe, h

Talk In An Elevator Day

Learn about Talk In An Elevator Day We all know about that awkward silence, the one that ensues when you’re suddenly in a small room with 5-10 other people you don’t know. Politeness seems to indicate that the people around you are sworn to silence, that perhaps it’s rude to break the sacred silence that is the lift ride. Talk In An Elevator Day tells us to break that silence, and maybe make a new friend or business acquaintance on the lift. Who knows what can come of just speaking up and introducing yourself? report this ad History of Talk In An Elevator Day The Elevator has a long history, the first that there is record of being devices in 236BC. The majority of these were powered by hand, or by trained animals who could manage the burden. The Elevator really came into its own during the Industrial era, when transportation of coal and lumber and other raw materials were necessary, and these designs were the predecessors of the elevator of today. Every year Elevators get mo


Yet another reason to love Paris Paris has 6 carousels, one of them is over 100 years old and still runs daily. I really need to get my passport and a lot of money because there is so much to see and do there and I really want to go before I die. It has been my dream forever! Today's topic is not Paris though today I want to share some pictures of a few truly beautiful carousels. There are several in the States like this one in Brooklyn: or this one in New York This Conservation carousel is located in Los Angeles There are several in NewYork State that look interesting from a photographers viewpoint (ie Mine) and a trip there would be considerably easier than a trip to Paris. Maybe I'll plan one for next year to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. Time will tell I guess. I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of the prettiest carousels I've ever seen. Live, Love, Laugh