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Do you remember these?

I have been struggling with depression for a while. I only know this because lately, I have been sleeping the days away. So you will find that I am concentrating on humour a lot. I have always believed that laughter can cure or at least alleviate many ills and today I am going to try some of the really old jokes. For instance: Why did the chicken cross the road? .......... To get to the other side! Cue laughter! And you know for some reason you just can't not laugh at that joke. Here is one from a Facebook page   And this one is from SparkPeople Found this one on the Readers Digest site . And finally one from Instagram Live, Laugh, Love

Air Conditioning

So last year I got this portable air conditioner. With all the hot days in the last month and with at least another month and a half to go I have been absurdly glad to have it. Mine is an LG but looks a lot like this. I went looking to see how much it is at Canadian Tire turns out that as of right now not a single store has any left. Made me glad I had this one from last year I then went exploring to find out how you can cool off if you don't have one. The easiest way is to go to a local beach or pool it will be slightly cooler there than in your home and laying in the water will help cool you even more. Or get wet then lay on your towel and as the wetness evaporates it will cool you off. The second easiest, in my opinion, is to get one of those high energy fans like a box fan and if you can stand the noise they cool the air a lot. Add a bucket of ice in front of it and it will cool things off even faster. If the high energy fan is too loud you can use any old fan it just w


Ever heard of these? They always make me laugh! But First a little history. William Archibald Spooner was born on today's date in 1844. He studied at Oxford University and went on to lecture there for 60 years, focusing on philosophy, divinity, and history. He also was an Anglican priest. An albino man of small stature with bad eyesight, he was sometimes absent-minded, but also had a strong intellect. Because of his intellect, his speech often did not keep up with his thought process. That, along with his bad eyesight, contributed to him often saying phrases that were different than the ones he intended. With these slips of the tongue, which became known as "spoonerisms," the initial consonant sounds in some words are reversed. One of his most famous was "It is kisstomary to cuss the bride," which he apparently said while performing a wedding ceremony for a couple. Spoonerisms are often said by accident, just as they were done by Spooner, but nowadays t

Junkfood Junkie

I am a junk food junkie? Yes or No Well that's where I started but I went from there to watching a few of Robin Williams on Talk Shows. I love him! I didn't realize that he was in his 60's when he died. With all that depression stuff the fact that he had a long life and three children kind of got lost.

Hello, Still here.

It appears that someone has noticed I haven't written for a few days. Truth to tell I have had so many early mornings lately that I haven't been in the mood to write when I got back home. For some reason, I can't figure out I didn't write a couple of days ahead of time either like I usually do. When I got home I went to bed and slept for the rest of the day I was so worn out by the heat and stress of what I was doing. I have nothing prepared for the next 10 days but I will get to work on that today. Thank you for sticking around even when I screw up.

Ugly Truck Day

Free Yourself

There is chaos and disorder everywhere, and you can't control it. Crazy, unorganized, and unexpected things are happening, and they all seem to be happening at the same time. Does this sound like pandemonium to you? That's okay, today is Pandemonium Day. It's a day to embrace and even celebrate the pandemonium that often seems to surround us. It is a day for looking at this pandemonium in a new way. As it can come along at any time, it is a day to accept that it exists. All hail the forces of chaos! Let the desk be unorganized, turn off the alarms and let the laundry go unwashed! Throw out your itinerary and pursue the day with wild abandon! Have a course of action? Disrupt it. Walking along the pier and have a sudden desire to jump in the water? Do it! Randomly decide that purple and neon green are perfectly complimentary colors? Wear them! Pandemonium day is dedicated to the unexpected, if you live a typically organized and well-ordered life, celebrate some serious Pan