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I Am A Red-neck

What exactly is a red-neck? Rednecks and redneck culture are celebrated today. "Redneck" is a somewhat complicated term that means different things to different people, and its meaning has continued to shift over time. The word as applied to Americans dates to the late nineteenth century, when it referred to farmers with sunburned necks. Shortly thereafter, some southern Democratic populists wore red neckties or kerchiefs as a symbol of pride and embraced the name. Similarly, in the early twentieth century, coal miners who belonged to unions were also associated with the term and embraced it as well. However, the term has also often since been used as a slur or pejorative. As the twentieth century progressed, the term became associated with poor, Southern whites, particularly men, who usually lived in rural areas. They were seen as being unsophisticated and uneducated. Another similar term often used to describe them as "hillbilly." By the 1970s, "redn

Public Speaking

Daniel Webster remarked, “If all my possessions and powers were to be taken from me with one exception, and I could choose that exception, I would choose to keep the power of speech, for by it I could soon recover all the rest.” The task for any speaker is to deliver the message. If speakers are unable to articulate their messages, the intended conveyance of information catastrophically fails. William Shakespeare said, “Mend your speech a little, lest you mar your fortunes.” Articulate communication is one of the greatest tribulations afflicting society today. Articulate communication can be defined as the ability to express oneself in a clear and concise manner. Misunderstanding can occur with both the spoken and the written word. It is possible to correct both, but it is more difficult and more embarrassing to correct the spoken word. Prudence is cardinal when conversing. Misunderstandings crop up when words are used imprecisely or are organized chaotically The media

It's Canada Day!

Some serious celebrations going on this weekend. I am hoping to have the energy after the garage sale to go down to Del Crary Park for the Multicultural Day Celebrations and the MusicFest Rod Stewart tribute For dinner, I think I'll go for Poutine at the Whistle Stop Cafe at 141 Charlotte Street to make it a completely Canadian Day!

Finding your Style

It's hard to find your own personal style but no one deserves it more than you! The chart above is only a starting place.  For me, all roads lead to gypsy which I had figured out for myself. Check out this: Now that's what I call perfect summer style! What is your style?


Hugging has been around for millennia and is practised by almost all cultures as a way to connect with others without using language. Hugs have traditionally been given in may scenarios: as a greeting or goodbye, for sympathy or congratulations, and for gratitude, support, and affection. The word "hug" seems to have come from "hugga," an Old Norse word meaning "to comfort." "Hug" was first used around 1610, to describe a wrestling hold. It began being used for its current meaning in the 1650s. Hugs may release a hormone called oxytocin into the bloodstream. This hormone, produced in the pituitary gland, helps lower blood pressure, heart rate, and the stress hormone cortisol. It also reduces anxiety, improves mood and memory, and increases bonding and closeness. Those who hug often tend to have increased empathy for others. In order for hugs to be beneficial, those participating must trust each other and both want to hug. Otherwise, the opposit

Piercing Ideas

Last month I got my hair cut & dyed this month in July and in honour of today which just happens to be International Piercing day I have decided to pursue piercing I've always wanted. My SisIL has a nose piercing that I have envied since I first saw it. Since July will be a relatively quiet month for me I figured I'd spend a little bit on myself and get one.    The earlobe piercings keep closing up so I'm thinking about getting one in the #2  position or perhaps #6 as well as the nose piercing so I can wear a chain if I want to.

Which Sunglasses are right for your face?

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