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Everyday Adventures

Do you look for things to celebrate every day? I've been gathering special days from  National Day Calendar  Calendar at a Glance to help guide my days. One of the things they don't tell you about living by yourself without a job is that you drift through the days you don't live them. When the warm weather gets here I find myself getting bored reading and writing and watching videos. I need something to get me interested again in living. The NDC does that for me. These are only four of the dozen special days available for this date. These are the ones that interest me. On my calendar, I give myself one thing to do per special day. That helps keep the boredom at bay and I gather memories to get me through the long, dark winter days and nights.  For these four, for instance, I have the following things in my agenda. 1) Garden Meditation- Spend 15 min in the garden breathing in the spring air. 2) Try writing a short ghost story or read a non-fiction book about th

Think Health

May brings with it a growing consciousness of our health and a lot this month's posts will be about recognizing the signs of illness and what you can do prevent or alleviate them a little. I have not picked these arbitrarily but in sync with the National Day Calendar and my own interests. Last year my doctor was getting frustrated with me for missing appointments and he made mention of something I never really thought about. Doctors associated with the clinic within the Family Health team are required to meet a yearly "report card". Their performance determines how much they are paid.  It never occurred to me that such a thing would be required, I like most of you just assumed they were in complete control of their practice. It made me realize that my doctor is human too and no doubt frustrated by the stubbornness of some of their clients like myself. It also made me toe the line for a little while cause I didn't want him to get in trouble with his bosses. Bu

Love Beltane

Beltane Beltane comes midway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It is a day to celebrate the coming of summer though here I think it might be a bit early. In my area I feel June 1st would be suited better but it is too close to the Solstice. One of the rituals associated with this is the burning of the purification fires. To jump a fire even a small one on a candle is symbolic of leaving the past behind. I have just the candle and will be doing just that. I am feeling the need for a little purification. The fire is usually made up of branches from the seven sacred trees but as noted above a candle will work in a pinch. The second thing is the Hawthorn tree as a way to ask a wish from the fairies. A common houseplant can be used as well. For this one you tie a colored piece of cloth to the Hawthorn to symbolize a wish. Blue for protection; pink for romance; purple for knowledge; green for prosperity. When you tie the cloth to the tree you leave a small offe

Special Food Day

Coming up in May there are a bunch of Food related celebrations though for some reason alcohol seems to be the most prominent. Now I am not a drinker but I think I may try one or two of these. Below is a list of  Special Food Celebrations. I have created a board on Pinterest with at least one recipe for each day should you decide to celebrate a few as I mean to. BTW I just found out that the nearest Farmers Market will be opening on May 1st so I am definitely headed there for some fresh food! If you are in the Peterborough area come on over to Charlotte Street between George & Alymer between 7 AM & 2 PM. Maybe I'll see you there. May Food Celebrations May 12 International Hummus Day May 16 Caesar Day (the drink) all month Asparagus Month Barbecue Month Egg Month Hamburger Month Mediterranean Diet Month Salad Month Salsa Month Strawberry Month daily May 1st Chocolate Parfait Day May 2nd Truffle Day; World Tuna Day May 3rd Chocolate Custard Day; Raspberr

I Don't Dance Anymore

I used to love to dance... for so long it was one of the only things that made me smile but one day I had a flashback to an event in my childhood that took away all that joy. It is something I wish I could forget again so that I can enjoy dancing again. I miss that simple joy. Every time I start to enjoy moving to the music the memory comes back and I lose it again. It makes me very sad. Once when I was about six I saw a ballet on TV. It captured me & I watched the whole thing. The next day I went to school and I tried to dance like they did with the shadows from some big old trees. When I had finished I became aware that my school mates and teachers had been watching and they all had big smiles and clapped for me. Sounds great right! It was right up until I fell ill with the chicken pox a few days later. The fever dreams twisted that image of positive reinforcement into a nightmare of catcalls and sarcastic laughter ruining everything I had gained. I still danced as the


mine original Not much to show for this month sadly it has been one of those months. You know the kind where one or two days you have lots of energy but the rest of the time you just sleep or read because everything hurts.

International Sculpture Day

I have spent an enjoyable morning looking at small things made big throughout Canada beginning with one of two I could remember seeing. A long time ago I took a train to Alberta to visit with family out there and I remember going through Sudbury and seeing the Big Nickel, it stuck with me and began my interest in such things. Now that I have the time maybe I'll get to see some of the ones I've heard of. There are also similar sculptures for the Loonie & the Toonie and I think the penny though I haven't found it yet. The other one I have seen is the Big Apple which stands in Colborne. We pass this whenever we go to Ottawa and we usually stop to pick up a fresh Apple Pie which they make on site. If you have kids do check it out as they have a small amusement park on site as well. If you are interested in learning about more of these "little things made big" in Ontario check out the Following: Interesting Sculptures in Ontario La