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Why do we walk around things?

It is an honest question. I am not talking about walking around physical objects there are always real reasons to do that. Walking around emotional issues that's a very different thing. I made a mistake not so long ago that will haunt me for a long time. I was sharing some quality time with GD#3 and we were looking at pictures of her dad. I allowed myself to forget I was talking to a six-year-old and I told her some of the true stories of her dad in his younger years. I was unprepared for her reaction to what I said. I forgot who I was talking to, her older sister GD#2 was who I was thinking of as I talked. My son was not always the upstanding citizen he is now. He was well into his twenties the last time he got in trouble and went to jail. Anyone who knows him knows this but for his last three children, GD#3 being the oldest of these, it is a major shock. He has been a hard working man since his late 20's because he did not want to go back to jail and he has mad skills wit

Let's Go Exploring

Today is National Walking Day and I plan to celebrate by going on a Photo Scavenger Hunt. I found this list on Pinterest and figured I'd give it a try. The site it was linked to isn't there any more so you will need to save and print it from here if you decide to join me or check out my Outdoor Fun-Scavenger Hunt Board  for others How many I'll find at this time of the month I don't know but I am going to find. If this seems like too much work then at least go out and walk around the block. I will upload the list and my photos to Instagram  and Facebook  when I get back.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or autism, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts brain development causing most individuals to experience communication problems, difficulty with social interactions and a tendency to repeat specific patterns of behaviour. There is also a markedly restricted repertoire of activities and interests. The term “spectrum” refers to a continuum of severity or developmental impairment. Children and adults with ASD usually have particular characteristics in common, but the conditions cover a wide spectrum, with individual differences in: The number and particular kinds of symptoms Severity: mild to severe Age of onset Levels of functioning Challenges with social interactions According to the latest estimates (March 2014) from The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC) “ 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) ” This represents a 30% increase in the prevalence rate previously reported by t

Laughter Is The Answer To Everything

It is April Fools Day and it is the first day of National Humour Month. Back on the 19 th of March I shared a few of the humour sites I found since then I've been taking my own advice and enjoying a laugh every single day. Did you know that laughter has mega-pluses for the body, mind and soul of people. Here are a few of the positive benefits laughter has: Lowers Blood Pressure Reduces Stress Hormones Works Your Abs Improves Cardiac Health Boosts your Immune System Triggers the Release of Endorphins Produces a General Sense of Well-Being Here are a couple of web sites to explore for ways to add laughter to your life and improve your life & health. And because it is April Fools Day here are a few not too mean tricks you can play on others:

Shen Yun Report

From the first scene, I was enthralled! The dancing was well worth the price of admission. I was close enough I didn't need binoculars which was a bonus I was not expecting. The dancing made it worth having to listen to the political overtones of some of the introductions to the acts. While I can understand why it was important to them to bring the situation in China to our attention still I thought it was more than a little self- serving to include it into the dialogue of what might have been a glorious feast for the eyes and ears otherwise. Would I go back? Yes if only to enjoy the music, the dance and the costumes! Souvenirs were priced reasonably though as much as I would have loved a silk scarf I could not bring myself to pay nearly $200 for one. The scarf ring I got was beautiful and will look splendid with my shawls and scarves and it was only $50. If you get a chance to see a production trust me it is well worth it!

Hello April- What's Happening?

A little something for every day of the month. National Day is a godsend when it comes to reasons to celebrate every day and to find new things to try from food to the great outdoors. I hope you too are finding ways to celebrate everyday.

March Adventures in Making

Left to right, top to bottom Foam shamrocks on a white ribbon to hang in my window. Getting the pattern and cutting them out was a whole lot easier than getting them to stay on that ribbon, I really need to find my glue gun for these type of things Clay Easter eggs - first experiment in clay in a long time, painted with some acrylic paint I had hanging around Leprechaun Habitat- took me forever to figure out a way to make the rainbow fit on the base and I had to make my leprechaun mini-fig from spare pieces but I think he turned out all right. Terrarium - the small one, inside is a fairy house I made, an air plant and a succulent. I forgot the moss but other than that it was perfect. The larger one is going to become a mini-herb garden next month Pentagram made from pipe cleaners for my altar, I need to replace it with something nicer but it works for now Lego shamrock made following a pattern, it is a mess of different colours because I did not have enough green First