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One More Day

One more day and we will have left this darkest of months behind us. It's sad really with valentines in the middle you would think that February would be a month of light-hearted joy but it really isn't. I don't blame February for its bad rep, it is its placement in that time between the new year and warmer weather that makes it difficult I think. Even before it gets here we are tired of the snow and the cold which makes it feel colder and darker. Or maybe it just feels that way to me. I thought maybe I would share some of my crafting efforts this month though I'll be honest I didn't do much. Hearts. I like the big one best Tree of Love: So simple sticky foam hearts & pipe cleaners Pirate #1 Habitat Valentines Vignette A Warlock at Work The Pirate one I think you have seen before, still working on the skull problem. The Valentines one just came together one day. That's a heart in the background, it was the first one I made &

Cooking Adventures- February 10- Feb 27

Broccoli Cabbage Salad - I followed the recipe on this one and while it turned out ok I think it would have benefited from a different dressing. In my opinion, the oil & vinegar dressing just didn't do anything for the taste, in fact, the vinegar masked it a lot. Lemon Spaghetti - I was raised by a very plain cook who used tomato soup to flavour her spaghetti and until recently I thought there were only two other ways to top spaghetti with spaghetti sauce or alfredo sauce. I've been wanting to try other sauces and this cook-in-sauce was so good that I intend to make it again. I cooked it with spinach this time as per the recipe but I think it would taste just as good without it. Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad - It looks kind of white doesn't it? That was a choice I made in the preparation. I had red kidney beans & I had white kidney beans and I chose to use the white because I like the red in chili and I have it on my menu for next month. Because I didn't use t

Follow Where I Lead

Follow where I lead Let's plant a seed Each of us belongs Each of us sings songs The notes of the song Are deep and long While others soar high As keen as a sigh Which song is yours? Which notes soars? Is it a happy tune Or one of gloom? Take a look inside your mind Listen to what you find Take a moment out To change from doubt Negative to positive Make it possible Change the tune You will feel better soon. Original verse by me. Poetry is clearly coming back to me. I am glad I have chosen this year to write instead of crafting. It is time I think to set my glue gun aside for a while and use my other skills.


Something I need to remember. I have spent so much of my life running and hiding that I don't know if I can stop. Even now I am feeling the need to run, to change my sourroundings, to alter my view but at the same time, I do not know where to begin to change. Giving up and drifting is easier. It makes me wish I could still drink, then if I did something stupid I could blame it on the alcohol. I don't much like myself some days. I see a lazy whiner who is also so spoiled she expects everyone to do as she tells them. As I said sometimes I don't like myself much. I can make all kinds of plans and say I'm going to change but inevitably I fall back into old habits and don't even notice it until it is nearly too late to change course again in the direction I want to go. Maybe you can relate?

What to Buy in March

We are nearing the end of this month and it's time to start thinking and planning for March. I usually start here with the idea to find out what is cheap and what I want or need and add them to my shopping list. What to Buy in March From Premeditated Leftovers Here are some items you can look forward to snagging great deals on during the month of March! Hooray for  Frozen Food Month ! Did you know such a thing existed? March is National Frozen Food Month, so now is the time to fill your freezers. Here are some of the items you can find: 1. Frozen family sized meals 2. Frozen diet meals 3. Frozen vegetables and fruits 4. Frozen beverage mixes and juices 5. Frozen pizzas 6. Frozen breakfast items 7. Frozen side dishes and appetizers 8. Frozen meats and seafoods March means  St. Patrick’s Day  is near. Keep your eyes opened for great prices on St. Patrick’s themed d├ęcor as well as traditional Irish food items. 9. Corned beef 10. Cabbage 11. Potatoes 12. Irish br

Saturday Selfie

I love the way the sun is shining on my lego table! This is me today according to my computer camera. I know it is not my own writing but it describes me very well.

A tip to brighten your day.

Cultivate the intellect, and you shall have a mind that produces beautiful thoughts, worthy images, helpful ideas, that will serve as solace in times of stress and be to you a refuge 'gainst all the storms that blow. The cultured mind, as compared to the uncultured mind, is the difference between beautiful gardens that produce vegetables, fruits or flowers and a tract of land that is overgrown with weeds & brambles To be a person of culture is to be at home under all conditions. Your mind is stored with mental images, and memory comes to keep you company, and guide you to nostalgia and the sense of separateness to universality or oneness with the Divine. The country will be beautiful to you in any season, and society and solitude each will be welcomed in turn. You are to reject nothing, despise nothing, knowing that everything belongs somewhere, and that it is needed to make up the great mosaic of life. Elbert Hubbard (sunset magazine) I do not know what year this w