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Quotes & Questions

First of all, God is whoever or whatever you want it to be, don't let your associated images to that title deter you from reading on. I know you are physically and emotionally drained  ya know it, right. It starts at the top of my head, my hair feels heavy and I have to use a headband to lighten it a bit. A headache that is centred between my eyes. Eyes that are dry and crusty. A nose that feels pinched and hurts all the way to its tip. I could keep going detailing every pain but that only brings them in to focus and I find it easier to get through the day when I don't focus on the aches and pains. Fibro is all about pain don't cha know. On top of the body pain, my brain feels fuzzy like it is wrapped in cotton wool. If I have emotions I am not aware of them nor have I been aware of them for a long time. But you have to keep going. I do that every day, some days are worse than others but I'm still here, still getting through day by day even if I do

Celebrating Life!

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing. —AGATHA CHRISTIE Breathnach, Sarah Ban. Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy . Grand Central Publishing. Kindle Edition.  Today I say I am glad to be alive! It is a good day the depression seems to have lessened for now and once more I can see the things that make my life worth living. Today for this day I can be glad for what I have and not regret what I don't. It is a little joy in a dark time. A few weeks ago I learned of the death of someone who was a big part of my childhood, she and her sister were my only friends until I left for middle school, (in those days grade school only went to grade 5, middle school was 6-8, and then high school which was 9-13. To go to middle school I had to take a bus to the next town over), while the sisters still had another year of grade school. Dur

Let's have an adventure

Sometimes I need a reminder like this. Since the first snowfall, I have refused to leave the house unless I had a ride waiting. When you think about it that was a little silly since the snow and ice didn't make a real appearance until this past weekend. Today as I began to prepare this I realized I was getting restless, that I was tired of sitting inside all the time. Thankfully my son came around and asked me if I wanted to go to the dollar store with him. Since I needed to get some decorating items for February I was glad to go. I felt so much better when I got back just like last night. In my list of gratitudes for today will be one for the Professor and GD#1 for dragging me out to dinner last night and to my son for dragging me outside today. I really needed the reminder that I like to be outside having adventures even when I am being a silly scaredy-cat. I'm still worried about falling but I am so bored being inside all the time. How about you? Has your winter been

How do you say goodbye?

I apologize if you thought I was going to share a sad story. This is not about sadness, this is about joy and how we find a tiny bit of it every day. When my children were little I would send them off to bed with a hug and an I love you. A lot of people do that now but when I was little hugs seldom came and I never heard an I love you from either of my parents. I think they did but they never said so. That is not today's story, maybe another day. Anyway as they got older I heard the I love you back from them nearly every day and always when they left for school I would give them a hug, actually any time they left the house I gave them a hug if I was around. Now at 39 and 40 they still give me a hug when they come through the door and when they leave. I insist the same as I insist that each grandchild gives me at least one hug when they come to visit if they are difficult I'll sneak up on them and give them one. It is a good way to show someone you care about them

What's happening in February

I challenge myself to sew Februarys  modern quilt block and my version of this  Imbolc altar cloth I challenge myself to make 9 different Lego hearts , 1 Lego fantasy map , 1 Lego Habitat and 1 Lego  practical application I challenge myself to spend $50 or less on during February I challenge myself to lose 2 lbs bringing my weight to 217.6 pounds by the end of February I challenge myself to craft a heart banner and a heart tree by the end of February I challenge myself to celebrate at least two of February's Food Holidays using the vegetable & fruit of the month Reading Challenge: One classic romance, One on Positive Body Image,

It's National Popcorn Day!

  Do you know this place? It is the best place to get popcorn! At least the kind we don't make for ourselves. I am a big fan of Jalapeno Jack cheese and they do a great version of it as a popcorn flavour, much better than the movie theatre kind. My second favourite flavour is Caramel which is a candy-coated popcorn. I can't eat the regular stuff but they have a low-cal version which is nearly as good and only has about half the sugar. That is my main order, one small Jalapeno Jack and one small Low-Cal Caramel. I just found out today that I can order it online and then just go to the kiosk to pick it up or if I can't get there have my daughter come get my POP and go pick it up for me. One more helpful thing to know for the housebound. Because I am becoming more health conscious I decided to search around and see if I could find any nutritional information on the products. I found an ingredients and allergens page which was a bit of an eye-opener but is not muc

Cooking Day Part 4- Putting away the rest for later

I have a confession to make. I haven't done this yet, it is not that I haven't looked into it I have but I don't have any of the tools they use in the recipes. While a dehydrator and a canning set would be great I just can't afford them. There are other ways to do the dehydrating at least but without the canning kettle I will not can anything in case I do it wrong. Truth is if you do it wrong you can end up really sick or dead, I'm sick enough and I'm not ready to pass beyond the veil just yet. The other reason I haven't done this for the brussels sprouts anyway is that I used up all the ones I bought and apparently they aren't in season here because they were nearly $4 a pound at the grocery store. Brussels Sprouts can be frozen easily enough, I know that because I bought a bag of frozen ones when I went shopping. I went looking for an explanation as to how this might be done even though I didn't have any and I already had a bag frozen. I c