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Indian Fried Cabbage & Needlework

I want to go straight to the needlework but I best do the Indian Fried Cabbage first. I found it on a site Center Cut Cook . She has an amazing recipe site, oh and this one isn't just for vegetarians even if the recipe I chose is. In the introduction, she said they added tomatoes and potatoes to make it more hearty but there was no mention of how you were supposed to add them or when so I improvised. I cut a potato into eighths and boiled the pieces in plain water until they softened up then I added the tomatoes and spices and simmered it for a bit while cutting up the cabbage. Then I added the cabbage and peas as directed in the recipe. I was also missing coriander so the taste was not as nice as it could have been and presentation was downright ugly. It wasn't terrible and I ate two servings before putting the rest in the fridge for later. I still haven't frozen it but I imagine it would be like anything else put it into a freezer bag, get as much of the air out as p

What's Happening this Month: December

Christmas/Yule of course! My youngest Grandbaby turns three. My brother Frank turns 54. And then there is New Year's Eve, what my non-pagan friends and family call the turning of the year. So exciting! For me, the ritual cleansing of my home has begun. That time of cleaning and blessing of my home to provide a joyful place to celebrate the Winter Solstice. It is also known as The Longest Night and is a good time to review your goals of the last year/quarter and evaluate how things have gone but that is a discussion for another day. The first two weeks of December will be spent cleaning and reorganizing my home for my solstice celebration. The third week will be spent blessing it. On the 21st I will celebrate the solstice and on the 24th/25th I'll celebrate Christmas with my children and some of my grandchildren. For the rest of the month, I will pull back and relax. My quilt square will be in shades of green and gold with a centre of red and I will be embroidering this lo