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Emotional Intelligence - How to boost it

Jay Sheety says: B reak habits that don't suit you R emember things you are grateful for E as your body A llow yourself to slow down T ake a moment to relax H ealth is your priority E ase your mind Tony Robbins says :

Emotional Intelligence - How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

  Happy Birthday to My son! Look at it and decide which you saw first then go to the Mind Journal site and learn what it means; alternatively, you can take this little quiz from the same place to learn a little more. According to the test I am emotionally intelligent despite what I think sometimes.

Emotional Intelligence - What it is?

 F or those unfamiliar, emotional intelligence is a self-governing initiative to make healthy assessments about how our minds influence quality   behaviour . Such assessments help us to better understand our minds and reduce emotions harmful, yet natural effect on our thoughts and   behaviour . Like the sensory systems, the emotional coping mechanisms you have are not good or bad mostly they just need retuning or at least mine does. Over the next 4 weeks, I'll be looking into each section of Emotional Intelligence and sharing what I find with you. Self-Awareness: The core of Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness. Self-awareness is comprised of three competencies; emotional self-awareness, where you are able to read and understand your emotions as well as recognise their impact on work performance and relationships; accurate self-assessment, where you are able to give a realistic evaluation of your strengths and limitations; self-confidence, where you have a positive and strong s