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Saturday Sweat: Weeding

Before After 15 minutes in the hot sun I managed to clan out one box. Finding some late summer seeds to put in them is another thing altogether

Indoor Garden Ideas - Broken Terracotta

I know that most plant pots are made of plastic but if you can get your hands on a couple of small terracotta ones you can make a pretty indoor garden that doesn't take much room. It also makes a really cute fairy garden for inside or out. I've seen versions of this garden on Pinterest for years and have had a longing to make one. After my success with the Gnome Mountain, I wanted to try it even more. Tell me this isn't one of the cutest things you have ever seen! Better Homes & Gardens has a How -To on their web site. I am thinking about using it for the basic design and then give it my own little flair. There are so many different ideas to look at BipDecor has a pictorial of 40 of the best indoor fairy garden ideas including several using terracotta pots check it out and wish me luck! Now all I gotta do is find a couple of those pots.

Indoor Garden Ideas- An Indoor Fairy Garden?

I have only two criteria for this project: 1) It had to have all the things basic to fairy gardens (house, plants, outdoor furniture & a fairy) 2) It had to fit in a small container (nothing bigger than a frisbee) I considered many different containers but was having a hard time choosing between this or this   I have both and they are around the same depth but I think the steamer is a little larger in size, on the other hand, the container has a solid bottom and the steamer doesn't so I would lose some depth using the steamer. Still haven't fully decided! Once the base is decided on you build them up just like you would with a terrarium  Once that is done you add your fairy decorations and you are done. I know that buying fairy garden stuff can get expensive so I've collected a whole bunch of DIY pins. Three actually: Fairy Doll , Fairy House & Fairy Furniture . There is also a fourth board that will spark ideas for design. I guess I should give you a heads up,

Indoor Garden Ideas - Zen Garden

Indoor Garden Ideas- Water Garden

There is no need to get fancy with the base but it looks nice doesn't it. When I was researching for ways to make a water garden that was small enough for a table and easy enough I didn't need to buy any extra stuff. This one @radmegan fit the bill I have a collection of Mason jars for various things like the salads we talked about yesterday and a tiny plant pot that fit inside it. I also have planting soil and rocks. I use special mineral-free water in my sleep apnea machine so I had that as well. All I had to figure out was how to get the water plants & the charcoal. Online has become the easiest way. I start with amazon because I know they had the aquarium charcoal when I did my terrariums. Turns out that they have lots of different items. I did a lot of searching until I decided to go with the cheapest version  which I ordered right away as it said there were only three left. I am sure there are others that would work as well but for now, this fit my priority of cheap.

Indoor Garden Ideas

I like pretty things but I don't like to spend money that's why I learned to make things. I have been interested in the terrarium for a while and even tried my hand at a couple but haven't been happy with the results I've achieved. This month I am going to be looking into a couple of different types of indoor gardens including a small water garden. This week I am trying to decide which types I want to try and what I need to make them. I am certain I want to try for a small water garden and succulent garden but there are many other types as well.  Bonsai take a long time but a zen garden doesn't and it can be pretty small.  Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes but as it happens I already have the beginnings of one of those it just needs the plants. I used a small fish tank as the base so that is something you can keep an eye out for if you want to follow along. There is this fairy garden made from multiple clay pots that I am interested in as well A window h