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Yoga & Self Care Week 3

  OK so Yoga isn't real easy. That said there are sites like this one who show you ways you CAN do it if you really want to.  The Sun Salutation is the most well know of the pose sets and this article shows you how to do it without having to get down on the floor. Important when you have issues that make getting back up difficult. It is not a secure site but I assure you it is safe. I like this article because she shows you what to do but she also has suggestions on how to modify it for beginners

Yoga & Self Care

  At the Get Healthy U website this is only one of several articles related to Yoga. The link will take you to clear written instructions if you don't recognize the poses to help you along. None of these require any difficult movements like standing on your shoulders but they are intense enough to serve as a start. Some other articles here are: Beginner's Guide to Yoga Regain Flexibility Over 50 Flexibility vs Mobility: And Why you Should Care

Yoga & Self-Care Week 1

  Start or deepen Your Yoga & Mindfulness About halfway down the page is a section called National Yoga Month - The Health Benefits of Yoga I suggest you go take a look cause this simple move & hold exercise has many benefits as you can see below. The article gives a lot more information than the infographic.

Saturday Sweat Other Ways to burn calories

  While age, weight, and gender play a role, on average it’s possible to burn anywhere from 100-300 calories per hour doing housework, all depending on the type of activity and vigour with which you do it. Use the following estimates, based on a bodyweight of 150lbs , to help you determine how many calories you might burn doing about an hour of typical daily housework/ cleaning: Sweeping x 10 minutes = 37 calories Vacuuming x 10 minutes = 37 calories Ironing x 20 minutes = 50 calories Mopping x 20 minutes = 42 calories Making beds x 10 minutes = 23 calories Washing dishes x 10minutes = 26 calories Total time:   1hr 10 minutes =  215 calories Just a reminder the heavier you are the more calories you will burn so while these numbers may seem like a drop in the bucket, for someone over 200lb like me, will burn more calories during each action until they reach the 150 lb mark. At that point you will be probably able to do a lot of other things that seem impossible right now. A calorie defi

Saturday Sweat - Walking

Source   Do you know how many "walk to lose weight" programs are out there? When I first started I was aware that walking was one of the easiest ways to get toned and lose a few pounds. I just didn't know how many sites there were about this subject or how many different variations of it there were. I've tried a few but I find it difficult to keep going when the weather gets too hot or too cold which means there are about 26 weeks when I don't walk regularly outside. Yeah I know outside is not the only place to walk but everything else just is boring. I've got a perfect indoor track in my building including several sets of stairs for the uncomfortable days but takes planning and I seldom plan anything. No plan ever stays the same after first encounter, it just doesn't so planning in depth is a waste of time IMO. Make sure there is someplace to sleep & somewhere to eat on your route and then go. That's about the extent of the planning I do. Unfortun

Saturday Sweat- Resistance Bands

Reehut Resistance Band Set I purchased this set of resistance bands two years ago . They have been sitting on my shelf that whole time waiting for me. A couple of weeks ago I set them up and tried a few practice pulls. I haven't touched them since. Today I was looking at them again and decided I was going to try a few exercises from the book. Wish me luck!