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Diabetes 101

 So I finally got my meter on Saturday and have been testing my blood first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day. As I suspecter the Berberine is doing a splendid job with keeping my blood sugar in normal range. There is the small issue of a major spike after I break my fast in the morning. An hour after it is in the 14 mmol range and 8/9 after two hours. Testing after lunch is a similar story. I am not sure what to do about that but I am researching it as I write this so by the end I should have some ideas on what to do. What’s a spike, and why do they happen? After-meal, or “postprandial,” spikes are temporary high  blood glucose levels  that occur soon after eating. It is normal for the level of glucose in the blood to rise a small amount after eating, even in people who do not have diabetes. However, if the rise is too high, it can affect your quality of life today and contribute to serious health problems down the road. —  Learn More About Blood Glucose Manage

Diabetes 101

 So I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes about a decade or so ago. All I was told was to take the medication they gave me and lose some weight. Since I wasn't too concerned about the diagnosis I ignored it until recently. Other than cutting back on the empty calories I ate and drank I didn't do anything but take the medication. Until a couple of months ago when Covid and the distance to my doctors' office required me to replace Metformin (the main drug prescribed for people with insulin resistance) with a natural substitute. I have been taking the Berberine for a couple of months now and actually doing better than I did with the Metformin at least I feel I am but only time will tell. With that change, I became more concerned about my lifestyle. When my reaction to ice cream is a hangover feeling the next day it is time to reevaluate. The first thing I needed to do was figure out whether I was courting type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Type 2 is due to insulin resistance which is wha