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A New Month- A new beginning

 First things first make sure your clocks have been turned back if you live in a DST Zone. I am glad my computer does it automatically else I would have been confused as to why everything seemed to be running an hour late. Secondly, I would like to wish my father(RIP) a Happy Birthday. Today he would have been 91. It's hard to fathom that he has been gone 11 years, it doesn't seem that long. Thirdly, today is World Vegan Day and Veganism will be my Sunday topic this month.  Vegan vs Vegetarian: A vegan does not eat or wear anything that comes from animals; a vegetarian will eat and wear dairy and leather but will not eat the flesh of animals. When you stop and think about your diet if you eat cheese & eggs but no beef or chicken then you are a vegetarian if you do not then you are vegan. I am neither though my diet does consist of more fruits & vegetables than meat. This month I thought I would explore veganism as an alternative. One of the biggest difficulties with a s

Body & Balance


Emotional Intelligence - How to boost it

Jay Sheety says: B reak habits that don't suit you R emember things you are grateful for E as your body A llow yourself to slow down T ake a moment to relax H ealth is your priority E ase your mind Tony Robbins says :

Touch Taste


I'm Just Me Because ...

 My hands shake, not in a noticeable way if you are just looking at me, in a consistently low-level quiver. If that were the worst of it I would not complain but occasionally when I am holding something they will shake noticeably until I focus on them and tell them to stop. I do not know why that works but it does. I think it may be a combination of the random nerve firings associated with fibro and a side effect of one of the medications I take for my depression. But then there are times like this morning that actually cause my hands or arms I'm not sure which to jerk suddenly spilling anything that happens to be in them. This morning it was my AM medication other times I've lost bowls of soup or plates of salad. Though I have suffered from restless leg syndrome for years it's only recently that I've noticed the same thing happening with my arms during the day. Not often yet but it is becoming more frequent. It was bad enough when my body does a full-body jerk when I&#

Sight Sound Smell

This and all following printables are from  Heather Greutman - Growing Hands-On Kids  

Sensory Processing Disorder

Happy Birthday! GS#1 You are the reason I am curious about all things Autism and I love you! For a free printable about SPD check out The OT Toolbox . 

Basic Sensory Systems

  You Have Eight Sensory Systems DESCRIPTION OF THE EIGHT SENSORY SYSTEMS The five basic sensory systems:            1. Visual            2. Auditory            3. Olfactory (smell) System            4. Gustatory (taste) System            5. Tactile System The first five we are all familiar with but it seems since my youth they have added three more:            6. Vestibular (sense of head movement in space) System            7. Proprioceptive (sensations from muscles and joints of body) System            8. Interoception  (internal sensations like hunger & thirst) Over the next four weeks, I will be looking at ways to increase and/or strengthen these eight systems in your daily life. Yes it sounds hedonistic but I think I, no, I know that I have let some of these weaken as my physical health has declined and I want to strengthen those that I can.