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SAD- Tis the season

 According to Dr Jockers

Diabetes 101

 So I finally got my meter on Saturday and have been testing my blood first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day. As I suspecter the Berberine is doing a splendid job with keeping my blood sugar in normal range. There is the small issue of a major spike after I break my fast in the morning. An hour after it is in the 14 mmol range and 8/9 after two hours. Testing after lunch is a similar story. I am not sure what to do about that but I am researching it as I write this so by the end I should have some ideas on what to do. What’s a spike, and why do they happen? After-meal, or “postprandial,” spikes are temporary high  blood glucose levels  that occur soon after eating. It is normal for the level of glucose in the blood to rise a small amount after eating, even in people who do not have diabetes. However, if the rise is too high, it can affect your quality of life today and contribute to serious health problems down the road. —  Learn More About Blood Glucose Manage

Stress Awareness and Eating Healthy

 If you are like me you use certain foods to comfort you when you are feeling stressed. Today I want to talk about taking those comfort foods and making them a little or a lot healthier for you. We are also going to look at a few ways you can become aware of Stress Eating and what you can do about it. 1. Check in with yourself. Before you eat take a moment and think about why you are feeling the need for food. Are you stressed out, bored, lonely? It's important to know the why before you can begin to change it. 2. Remove temptation. I know all of you have heard this before, "If it is not available you can't eat it". Purging your cupboards, fridge & freezer of all those unhealthy snacks can be painful but the reward to your health is very worth it. Keep one or two to enjoy is OK as long as they are hidden and largely inaccessible (like in the cupboard above your fridge or stove). Out of sight out of mind! 3. Maintain a healthy eating schedule. Keeping your regular

Emotional Intelligence - Resources Here is what I know, I am tired. This has been a long moth almost like a February but much more active. I plan to post in November on the regular but I also want to concentrate on a couple of other things like writing 5000 words a day as part of National Writing Month in addition to what I post here.

Body & Balance


Emotional Intelligence - How to boost it

Jay Sheety says: B reak habits that don't suit you R emember things you are grateful for E as your body A llow yourself to slow down T ake a moment to relax H ealth is your priority E ase your mind Tony Robbins says :

Touch Taste


I'm Just Me Because ...

 My hands shake, not in a noticeable way if you are just looking at me, in a consistently low-level quiver. If that were the worst of it I would not complain but occasionally when I am holding something they will shake noticeably until I focus on them and tell them to stop. I do not know why that works but it does. I think it may be a combination of the random nerve firings associated with fibro and a side effect of one of the medications I take for my depression. But then there are times like this morning that actually cause my hands or arms I'm not sure which to jerk suddenly spilling anything that happens to be in them. This morning it was my AM medication other times I've lost bowls of soup or plates of salad. Though I have suffered from restless leg syndrome for years it's only recently that I've noticed the same thing happening with my arms during the day. Not often yet but it is becoming more frequent. It was bad enough when my body does a full-body jerk when I&#



Emotional Intelligence - Elements

Which ones do you need to improve? For me I could use a little help in all of them!

Sight Sound Smell

This and all following printables are from  Heather Greutman - Growing Hands-On Kids  

People in Art

 I had a hard time trying to think about what I wanted to write here until I found something of interest put out by the Getty Museum . It looks like so much fun to try though I don't know if I will still it's fun to look at! I tried to find the original request/challenge but it was a long way back so I decided to copy the information from designboom where I first read about it. If you want to check out more challenges check out Getty's account on twitter the getty  museum  in los angeles is challenging people to recreate their favorite artworks using themselves as the subjects and household objects as their props.   asking people to get creative during their time using just three things lying around the house.  since then, the museum’s social media has been flooded with responses ranging from impressive re-creations of classics including master of saint cecilia’s madonna and child, the anonymously created virgin, saint elizabeth, and the infants john the baptist and christ

Emotional Intelligence - How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

  Happy Birthday to My son! Look at it and decide which you saw first then go to the Mind Journal site and learn what it means; alternatively, you can take this little quiz from the same place to learn a little more. According to the test I am emotionally intelligent despite what I think sometimes.

Sensory Processing Disorder

Happy Birthday! GS#1 You are the reason I am curious about all things Autism and I love you! For a free printable about SPD check out The OT Toolbox . 

Art In the Time of Covid

  Art In the Time of Covid A rt in the Time of COVID-19  is a panel discussion that explores how we value art and artists during a time of crisis. Even though many artists are increasingly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re finding new and innovative ways to share their work for our collective well-being. Join us and our stellar panel of arts innovators as we reflect on the intersectional vulnerabilities presented by COVID-19, and what our engagement with the arts during this time can tell us about the value of arts and culture in our society. After the COVID-19 restrictions took effect, and OCAD University closed its doors, we quickly switched to online learning to complete the semester. In this unprecedented and unique time, we had no idea how our Drawing and Painting students might respond to the pandemic. They had very little access to art supplies and no access to studios. They had been physically separated from their classmates and faculty. These restrictions were also

Emotional Intelligence - What it is?

 F or those unfamiliar, emotional intelligence is a self-governing initiative to make healthy assessments about how our minds influence quality   behaviour . Such assessments help us to better understand our minds and reduce emotions harmful, yet natural effect on our thoughts and   behaviour . Like the sensory systems, the emotional coping mechanisms you have are not good or bad mostly they just need retuning or at least mine does. Over the next 4 weeks, I'll be looking into each section of Emotional Intelligence and sharing what I find with you. Self-Awareness: The core of Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness. Self-awareness is comprised of three competencies; emotional self-awareness, where you are able to read and understand your emotions as well as recognise their impact on work performance and relationships; accurate self-assessment, where you are able to give a realistic evaluation of your strengths and limitations; self-confidence, where you have a positive and strong s

Basic Sensory Systems

  You Have Eight Sensory Systems DESCRIPTION OF THE EIGHT SENSORY SYSTEMS The five basic sensory systems:            1. Visual            2. Auditory            3. Olfactory (smell) System            4. Gustatory (taste) System            5. Tactile System The first five we are all familiar with but it seems since my youth they have added three more:            6. Vestibular (sense of head movement in space) System            7. Proprioceptive (sensations from muscles and joints of body) System            8. Interoception  (internal sensations like hunger & thirst) Over the next four weeks, I will be looking at ways to increase and/or strengthen these eight systems in your daily life. Yes it sounds hedonistic but I think I, no, I know that I have let some of these weaken as my physical health has declined and I want to strengthen those that I can.