Goals For 2019

Create a life you truly love by learning how to focus on what matters.



1) Lose 10 pounds of fat & keep it off
2) Exercise at least 3 times a week
4) Move about for 1 hour a day
5) Eat three healthy meals a day
6) Continue to keep ice cream & chips to a minimum (1 klondike cone & 1 small bag of chips each month)
7) Do not miss any health related appointments ever


1) Read one biography or autobiography each month
2) Read one political book each month
3) Read one classic each month
4) Read one history book each month
5) Read at least one self-help book each month


1) Practice Mindfulness in all things
2) Try out several types of Meditation until I can find something that works for me then do it every day


1) Spend a couple of hours a month outside


The Professor

1) Spend less time criticizing and more time praising him
2) Show & tell him often how much I love him

My Family

1) Allow them to stand or fall as needed rather than shoring them up all the time
2) Spend a little time with each grandchild every month
3) Tell them I love them often and hug them every time I see them


1) Spend time with them. Visiting with them at least twice a week.


1) Create or attend a couple of get together's every month
2) Go out to local festivals


1) Pay off Rob and do not incur further debt to him
2) Pay for my funeral
3) Institute a side hustle or two for extra income
4) Keep my online spending below $100 a month
5) Build up Tangerine to $1200
6) Consider getting some kind of life insurance


1) Learn something new every month
2) Keep my Hands & Mind busy

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