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Bucket List/Anniversary/Birthday Week

 I'm sorry for the long space between posts but life has been a bit crazy the last few months. I decided that my home was still too crowded after the addition of a TV and a Loveseat so I've been systematically removing things and cleaning with a goal to have a more comfortable house that I like by Samhain. Or rather my GD#1's sperm donor has been helping by cleaning up things at my behest. I am grateful for his help as it means I don't need to get a PSW or pay for a housekeeper that won't do basics like the dishes. Slowly but surely it is getting done. 

I did not get my wish for a quiet birthday but it could have been worse. They could have decided to make a big deal out of it instead of just one of three birthdays we celebrated one after the other with cake and good food. We even managed a Thanksgiving dinner albeit a bit early.

And then today my ever-loving granted a wish from my bucket list. I get to sleep in a real castle! Well, I guess it isn't really a castle but the Chateau De Laurier is pretty close.

It is only a short walk to the Byward Market and the National Gallery of Canada which means I'll be able to strike shopping in the real Byward Market and going to the National Gallery knocked off of my bucket list as well

Oh, the reason for the huge gift is because on the 15th of October we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary as a couple which is as momentous as say a 60th birthday. My must-see/do list for Ottawa has definitely been shortened


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