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Bucket List/Anniversary/Birthday Week

 I'm sorry for the long space between posts but life has been a bit crazy the last few months. I decided that my home was still too crowded after the addition of a TV and a Loveseat so I've been systematically removing things and cleaning with a goal to have a more comfortable house that I like by Samhain. Or rather my GD#1's sperm donor has been helping by cleaning up things at my behest. I am grateful for his help as it means I don't need to get a PSW or pay for a housekeeper that won't do basics like the dishes. Slowly but surely it is getting done.  I did not get my wish for a quiet birthday but it could have been worse. They could have decided to make a big deal out of it instead of just one of three birthdays we celebrated one after the other with cake and good food. We even managed a Thanksgiving dinner albeit a bit early. And then today my ever-loving granted a wish from my bucket list. I get to sleep in a real castle! Well, I guess it isn't really a cas