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Lessons 8 & 9

 #8 Summer is my worst time for writing anything.

I have a story inside me that bugs me constantly to be told but other than a lot of background info on him & his people and the world they live in I can find no adventure to send him on. As soon as I try all I get are details from the point before the point I want the story to begin and nothing about the adventure itself.

I have been considering if I need to change my audience group, just tell the story from the beginning and hope the adventure will eventually make itself known to me or just illustrate what I have written and hope it is enough. or maybe switch to a different medium altogether. Or maybe just try to erase it from my head altogether.

The other writing I have done and would like to complete is a booklet of 100 poetry types complete with poems I have written in each of the styles. This is more of a polish-up and print kind of thing that has been hanging 'round longer than the story above. 

I wonder if anyone would even be interested in a book of poems even one that details the rules for each type of poem. Yeah poetry, good poetry has rules too.

I am thinking that it is fear that is controlling me right now and is because I know that my family only understands writing from the viewpoint of readers. That and they consider "that fancy writing" a waste of time cause it won't pay the bills. This is from a group that is either ardent readers or not readers at all (no in-between in this family). If I can get rid of those voices in my head I am sure I would do fine, I have proved it once or twice.

That is going to have to be the next topic in my self-improvement I guess

#9 A helping hand is always useful.

At the beginning of the summer, I was granted a rare privilege for someone so young. I have always been a mediocre housekeeper at best but I had begun to get uncomfortable with the amount of stuff I had in my tiny apartment. I had accumulated a lot of making tools and supplies that I was just not using much anymore. I went looking for a way to decrease the surplus.

The first step was a garage sale that netted us a couple of hundred so I guess would be considered a success. I still had way too much stuff in my place so I started to go through some things and toss them into garbage bags with the intent to either toss them in the garbage or give them away. BTW I decided on donating most of it. Some went to my helper & granddaughter. She is collecting for another yard sale next year. The rest I have bagged and will get delivered to Vinnies ASAP. I chose Vinnies because it is local and over the years they have helped me out so many times I lost count. This is a little give back.

Once the shelves were sorted and bagged there were a few other problem areas still like my bedroom and kitchen. It is a work in progress. After the initial purge, a family friend offered to come in once a week to do PSW-like stuff for me. I trust him and he has done an amazing job. So much so that I asked him to take care of a few organizing jobs for me. 

Once he organizes things I then go through and start throwing things in bags to give away or garbage. I have accomplished more in the week he has been working on my Todo list than I did in the six months previously. Aaanndd my house hasn't been this clean ever! I am actually starting to relax a bit again.

He is available to help others if you are looking for some help like that but aren't old enough to acquire a PSW just yet. Drop me a line with your email address and I'll send the deets to you. Peterborough only!


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