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Lesson 6

 Sometimes going back to YOUR neighbourhood is not a good idea! I have seen and heard a lot of fucked up stuff in this neighbourhood since I moved back 5 years ago but today it hit close to home.  I saw my granddaughter put herself into a situation that could have turned deadly. Since she has some basic police training she handled it well but it reminded me that when I came back to the place I call home I came back to a dangerous neighbourhood. In my time here it has gotten worse but then so has the world at large. But it was my granddaughter out on the front line today, I was immensely proud and terrified at the same time. She called it a live-fire training. She wants to be able to get through something like that and not be emotionally wrecked by it, I do not want her to lose her tender heart.  I love her and I love my neighbourhood and I REALLY wish she had not followed me here. She says she is exactly where she needs to be because this neighbourhood will help her strengthen her wall