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Lesson 2

 Wasn't expecting another one so soon but life is like that. I watched a video by someone I remember as a dear friend. Strong & vibrant at 63 she is not. I was only able to watch about six minutes of it because it hurt my heart and made me cry. I kept flashing to the second last time I saw her. She was standing on her doorstep as I took my daughter to the hospital for a cut on her leg that she had sustained while visiting my friend. I was all kinds of upset and worried because it looked so bad.  I saw her many years after that and she was confined to a wheelchair because of arthritis. I remember thinking it served her right that she had earned the punishment that that wheelchair represented. I said all the right things and moved on without a backwards glance. I will not tell you all the bad things I had heard about her but it was enough for me to feel that I made the right choice about leaving her behind. Now so many years after the fact I am looking at a woman who is only thre

Lesson 1

 My brain is a busy place or rather the mind that is within the brain. Convoluted I think but true non-the-less true. I chose to put off the daily writing because I felt like I wasn't really reaching as many people as I wanted too but found myself unwilling to work at it as a job. Like my crafting I don't do it for money, I do it because I want to. After six months of planning daily posts that were useful but not personal it became a chore, after nine months it felt like a job. I am a lazy person, and I have no wish for "a job" and really no need. I did my years in the work force and I've got scars to prove it. The world seems driven by the need to plan and compete for what? A roof over their head? I have that. To not be hungry, I have that. To  take trips? OK that one I miss but the trips I've gone on with the professor were fun and not my responsibility. (Thank goodness). I miss traveling to various places but since we never traveled outside our little corne