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Saturday Subjects- Moving out of Peterborough

Each week I'll bring you something I have been researching. This past couple of weeks I've been looking into moving out of my apartment. Finding somewhere else to live is easy enough but finding somewhere you want to be and that you can afford is something else entirely.

I pay less than market rate here but that is not my main criteria. I am a gypsy I have been most of my life. The longest I ever stayed anywhere was seven years and that was with the Professor. We've been in a relationship for 20 years but I doubt if we have spent more than 10 years in the same house. It's not him it's me.

Before moving in with him I moved about once a year even when I was married before. I just could not settle one place and I still can't.

I live on $1350-$1450 per month. Since 1 bedroom apartments go for a minimum $1350 a month here I can't afford to stay in this city nor can I afford to live in any of the nearby areas due to the influx of Torontonian retirees to the area. With their arrival the rent's have sky-rocketed.

The first thing I considered was renting a piece of land and living in a trailer for a couple of years. While that sounds good in theory the truth is a little starker. I do not drive, have never even had a license so getting around in a rural setting becomes problematic. I could depend on my kids but really I don't think they are all that dependable. As for the Professor the further I am from Toronto the less likely he is to come to see me. The other consideration would be the difficulty of keeping my internet connection which is very important to me as most of my life is tied up in it.

The second thing I considered was moving North with the expectation that the further north you go in Ontario the cheaper the rents would be. While that is mostly true there is still the issue of getting around for food & stuff. If it has a transit system that would help but a transit system adds to the cost of living in a place. Still, for me it is imperative as there are some places I won't be able to walk to.

Thirdly I considered moving out of the province, Quebec has some inexpensive places to live as do the eastern provinces. West I might find cheap rent in the mountains of BC but there is no guarantee. I am not familiar with the rents in the Prairies but I imagine there are a few cheap places there as well. If I wanted to go out of Province. I am not sure I do cause even though Ontario is expensive to live in it is home. And if I stay here at least my family would be able to come to see me once in awhile, out of province it's a whole lot less likely.

As of today I am still researching options but am definitely considering staying in Ontario, rather I go up towards Sault Ste Marie or down towards London I still am sure. Good thing I gave myself a year to decide.

Do you have any suggestions of places I might consider? Please comment below.


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