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Quarter Moons

Seems an odd day to select for spiritual stuff but it seems this is where it needs to be. This the second part of a four-part series about the moon & spiritual practices. 

How the phases of the Moon work. Credit: NASA/Bill Dunford

The First Quarter

How will you know which action to pick at this stage? Working out which action to pick means returning to the New Moon intention that you’ve set (this is the point of the bigger intention-setting process in that chapter), and also to work out your priorities in your daily life. Over time, as you gain a better grasp of the contours of how your patterns play out in life, this will become increasingly obvious.

Illuminated action is important—you do need to take action. The most effective action comes after rest, and with discernment.  

Working smarter, not harder, helps you to realize your objectives.  

Discerning action requires you to get clear on your objectives—and prioritize.  

Be courageous in saying no when an action does not fit your greater purpose.  

To help you determine what action to take during this phase, refer back to your New Moon intention, and work out your priorities and non-negotiables.

Don’t wait until things go awry before you ascertain what is actually important to you.

Spencer, Ezzie. Lunar Abundance (p. 117). Running Press. Kindle Edition. 

The Third Quarter

Giving from an abundant place is the key to sustainable, effective, and high-impact giving. The more we are able to give from that place—indeed, the more we give rather than merely thinking or fantasizing, the more we give rather than taking or tearing down—the more we are able to construct and grow. We actually make the positive impact that we crave. We become a gift to, rather than a burden on, this world. 

Giving from an abundant place not only feels good, but it grounds us in real life. It positions us as co-creators and collaborators, it energizes us and positions us to give back in progressively bigger and more meaningful ways. Practicing giving at this Moon phase allows us to do our bit in creating a better life for ourselves, and also to participate in creating healthy families and communities. At this time of change and instability on the planet, we need to give. 

At a time of growing inequality, when we have the opportunity, we need to give. Giving from a pure expression of an expanding heart, giving because we want to share both our unique and our beautifully normal gifts, giving without expectation of return: this is an expression of our humanity.

Spencer, Ezzie. Lunar Abundance (p. 197). Running Press. Kindle Edition. 

The focal point for this Moon phase is the concept of giving back. This phase reminds us that we cannot forget the element of collaboration and connection under the one Moon. This Moon phase is for seeing ourselves as part of a great whole here on Earth.  

Take the opportunity in this Yang phase to actually give back, as opposed to just thinking or fantasizing about doing it. However, abundant giving does not need to involve lavish gestures or break the bank. You can give a compliment, a flower, or practical help. When you choose to give to others, do so generously and wholeheartedly.  

Consider whether you are giving at the expense of yourself; giving without boundaries can lead to self-sacrifice. Fill up your own cup so that you can give in a sustainable and high-impact way.

We may be here on Earth to grow, but we are not here to grow alone.

Spencer, Ezzie. Lunar Abundance (p. 193). Running Press. Kindle Edition. 


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