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Words of Wisdom: Live Wild

"A thousand-mile journey begins with a single step" Lao Tzu Simple Rules: Listen and hear Speak and mean Eat and taste CARE Give & ask for Have passion and patience Live, love, and laugh Maintaining social distancing doesn't mean you can't go out for a walk, it only means you need to keep a proper distance from other walkers. To enjoy the lovely June weather coming our way try a few of these. If you have a camera take photos. Alphabet Walk : Go for a walk & look for items in alphabetical order Scavenger Hunt Walk : Make a list of interesting things to look for, such as "a house for a mouse" or a "raft for an ant". Take a child along for even more fun. Smell Walk : Take some big breathes and seek out as many different smells as you can find. Sound Walk : Same as the smell walk but for sounds Colour Walk : Choose one colour or a pair of colours and see how many things you can find during your walk that match your colour choice(s) Texture W

Starting A Conversation

7 Ways You Can Support Others Who Are Struggling

New Moon Ceremony

NEW MOON CEREMONY CHECKLIST   Work out when you will conduct your New Moon Ceremony. You can check the next New Moon date on the free planner available on my website:   Get specific—write down a date and time, and put a reminder in your calendar now, for 15–30 minutes at least. You may wish to sit at night. Sit as close to the New Moon time as possible, but you don’t need to be rigid about the timing.   Work out where you will be, where you won’t be disturbed. If you need to ask someone to take care of the kids, or ask your partner or housemates to give you space, make arrangements for this.   Give some thought as to how to make your space beautiful and comfortable. + Music (soothing meditation or something a bit more vibrant?)  + Taste (e.g., herbal tea, or, of course, chocolate)  + Smell (e.g., candles, incense, oil, sage)  + Visuals (e.g., flowers, crystals, meaningful trinkets) + Touch (e.g., fabrics, textiles, any of the above) Get your journal and pen at t

Walt Disney- Three Little Pigs

1933  Walt Disney's cartoon Three Little Pigs is released The animated short film is one of the best-known cartoons of all time. In 1934, it was awarded the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Laughter Meditation

Laughter meditation consists of two steps. First laugh and second come to inner peace. It is helpful to use laughing as a mantra. Laugh in different parts of your body and thus awake the chakras and the kundalini energy. Then the happiness awakes in your inside und you become positive. You see the jokes in the world. Laughter arises in you naturally. You will become a laughing buddha. You will set alight your fellowmen with happiness and good humor.   1. Head = We think the mantra “Hee, Hee, Hee” mentally. We concentrate on the brain at the same time and so dissolve the tension in the head.   2. Chest = We mentally repeat the mantra “Ha, ha, ha” in the chest. We lay the hands onto the heart chakra.   3. Belly = We think “Ho, ho, ho” in the belly and lay the hands on the belly.   4. Earth = We think “Hoo, Hoo, Hoo” into the earth. We lay our hands on the legs and move the feet at the same time.   5. Cosmos = We make big circles with our arms in the air and think the mantra “Ha

Rearview Mirror

Stand or sit or lay down before you start moving and place your hands over your lower belly, hips or butt. Take a moment to breathe into this area, and imagine it having energetic roots that extend through the lower half of your body into the ground beneath you.  Then, play some music that will really make you move and begin, allowing your belly/hips/butt to lead the way. Lean your back against a wall or the floor if you want to feel your back body even more. Grippo, Jess. DANCE WITH THIS BOOK: Start a Revolution with Your Body, Alone in Your Room. . Kindle Edition. 

Words of Wisdom: Live Slooow

"How poor are they that have no patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?" William Shakespeare, Othello, Act 2 Scene 3 slow living calm list Relaxing Hobbies To Try Doodling in a notebook Bird-watching Blogging Building a boat Writing stories Flying a kite Composing or playing music Needlework, cross-stitch , embroidery , or weaving Tinkering with machines Exploring yoga in its many forms Singing to your heart's content Remember that unstructured play is important for kids and adults! Choose quality over quantity in your relationships. A sense of humour is enormously helpful in times of stress.

Planning Your Routine

9 Ways to Successfully Create a Healthy Routine

Crescent Moons

Waxing Crescent Moon Ask the questions: Who are you, really? What do you desire? What do you need, on all levels—your mind, body, and heart? Pay attention as this practice reveals the answers to you over time. You will find that layers upon layers are revealed to you as you go deeper, not just in thought, but also in your lived and felt experience.  This is the first of the Yin phases. The Yin phases are a way to conceptualize downtime and help us navigate a busy schedule. They show us how to start practicing a better way of living and working.   The Lunar Abundance practice works with eight Moon phases alternating, in pairs, between Yin and Yang. Therefore, within the lunar cycle, four phases are Yin and four are Yang. The Crescent Moon is the Yin phase that corresponds to the New Moon.   Yin phases are a guide to help you to tune into yourself and to practice slowing down. These are the ultimate permission slip to tune into your body.   Yin and Yang are relative. What these phases wi

My Fair Lady

Eliza Doolittle Day is celebrated by fans of the musical  My Fair Lady , a musical based off of George Bernard Shaw's 1912 play  Pygmalion . In the musical, Eliza Doolittle is a  Cockney  flower girl who wants to learn to speak properly. At the time the story takes place, proper speech was a symbol of upward mobility and education. Eliza meets Professor Henry Higgins in  Covent Garden  and he agrees to give her  elocution  lessons. Higgins believes he can transform her from someone who uses words like "ain't" to someone who can fit in with London's elite. In the musical, Eliza dreams of meeting the king. She sings a song, "Just You Wait," to share her thoughts. It is in the song that the date for Eliza Doolittle Day comes from: One day I’ll be famous! I’ll be proper and prim; Go to St. James so often I will call it St. Jim! One evening the king will say: 'Oh, Liza, old thing, I want all of England your praises to sing. Next week on the twentieth of M

Chair-Yoga with Laughing

1. Stretch out = Stretch and wiggle however you need in order to feel good. Stretch out the arms up to the sky. You can fold your hands together and then flip them to face the sky. Visualize the sun over you in the sky and think the word “sun” repeatedly as a mantra. Feel how the sun flows into you with each word. Fill yourself up with the energy of the sun. Visualizing the sun means concentrating on what is positive in life. We see the beauty of the world. We live in God, in the light, in  enlightened existence    2. Healing massage = Massage the light of the sun into your body from the head to the feet. Think the word “light” repeatedly as a mantra. Now you have light on the inside and on the outside. You live in light. You are happy.    3. Move the feet = Move your feet and toes. Visualize the earth beneath you. Think the word “earth” as a mantra. To ground yourself means to accept things for the way they are. We also see the suffering, the pain and the grief in the world and in

Feel & Peel

Drape yourself in excess clothing, scarves, and accessories, imagining that each piece is a different feeling, emotion, or experience that you’ve taken on. Play a song or two and dance with these feelings attached to you. Then, if and when you feel ready, see what it’s like to peel each of them off and let the feelings go!  Please note that this exercise can be taken to be as silly or as serious as you would like. Go deep with your feelings – or not! It’s up to you. (After all, you are your own DJ ;) Grippo, Jess. DANCE WITH THIS BOOK: Start a Revolution with Your Body, Alone in Your Room. . Kindle Edition. 

Words of Wisdom: Live Creative

"In wisdom gathered over time, I have found that every experience is a form of exploration" Ansel Adams Stretch outside your comfort zone Watch different types of TV Shows than you usually do. Learn a computer program or app you previously found difficult. Phone someone you usually only speak to on the computer Try a different ethnic food Find a physical hobby, such as dance or tai chi. (lots of options on YouTube) Read a book about a topic you know nothing about When you find a word you don't know look it up ( Merriam-Webster ) Channel negative feelings into a positive creative outlet .  Practice stream-of-consciousness writing. Don't judge, just write non-stop for 15 minutes  Pay close attention to your experiences. You may be able to use what you learn in a creative way.

Detoxing Your Life

Eliminating Toxic Influences

Quarter Moons

Seems an odd day to select for spiritual stuff but it seems this is where it needs to be. This the second part of a four-part series about the moon & spiritual practices.  The First Quarter How will you know which action to pick at this stage? Working out which action to pick means returning to the New Moon intention that you’ve set (this is the point of the bigger intention-setting process in that chapter), and also to work out your priorities in your daily life. Over time, as you gain a better grasp of the contours of how your patterns play out in life, this will become increasingly obvious. Illuminated action is important—you do need to take action. The most effective action comes after rest, and with discernment.   Working smarter, not harder, helps you to realize your objectives.   Discerning action requires you to get clear on your objectives—and prioritize.   Be courageous in saying no when an action does not fit your greater purpose.   To help you determine what action to t

Have you seen the Tulips yet?

Tulips & Daffodils are the two flowers that tell me it is finally Spring. Today I thought I would share some photos of the tulips in the garden of my home. Aren't they beautiful!

Yoga with Positive Thinking

Yoga with positive thinking is very helpful for many people. It allows one to quickly overcome negative tendencies and reach a happy and healthy life. Positive thinking and daily meditation are the two basic techniques of enlightenment. All the negative characteristics are ultimately based on attachment (to external pleasures, other people, to his ego) or rejection (of suffering situations, pain). If we accept the suffering in our lifes and let go of our worldly desires and longings, the tensions in our minds resolve. Our inner happiness creates a positiv feeling of life. We get into a life in the light (in a paradise view of life). The main way to overcome the negative qualities is to focus on the positive qualities of wisdom, self-discipline, peace, love and happiness.  1. Go = Jog on the spot, with your arms moving by your side. Visualize light, turn around and think, "I go the positive way."  2. Windmill = Straddle your legs apart, bow forward, turn like a windmill into t

The Dance Shuffle

Open up your favorite music source and hit SHUFFLE so that random songs come on. Dance to 3 random songs in a row, which should be about 10 minutes long. Notice what each song evokes for you, with its rhythm, lyrics, etc. Even if you don’t particularly love a song, see if you can still move to it, and what different kinds of movements it may evoke. Maybe the lyrics will speak to you directly. Maybe the tempo or beat will ignite something that’s been wanting to move through you. Or maybe you’ll just feel good trying out something totally unexpected and new. Grippo, Jess. DANCE WITH THIS BOOK: Start a Revolution with Your Body, Alone in Your Room. . Kindle Edition. 

Words of Wisdom: Live Wild

Choose a wild motto for yourself and start living by it. Mine is, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood" by Tom Robbins in Still Life With Woodpecker Develop a student mentality. Commit to lifelong learning and revel in the delights of discovery. Google search: Free Online Education, Canada Have a nighttime picnic in a garden on a full moon Sing at the top of your lungs, with the window open.

Looking For Good

I'm Fine Thanks!


7 Tips For Finding the Positive

Full Moon Ceremony

I am not associated with any of the new age belief systems. Though I suppose pagan comes closest. I believe in the ultimate power that is both male & female depending on the need of the moment. I believe in Father Sky & Mother Earth, I also send prayers to the other elements if I need their help. My only rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" But... lately, the moon has been calling me so I've been working on a full moon ritual. I have debated rather I should share it here but I need to I think. To begin with, each full moon has a name; the May moon appropriately enough is called the Flower Moon.  The full moon ritual is for releasing or purging the things in our lives that no longer serve us such as addictions to food, drugs, or sex, relinquishing suffering involved in hurtful relationships, discharging physical and emotional pains, etc. source A Full Moon ritual requires three things: 1) A sacred space 2) A piece of paper & pen 3) A thin

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Grump Out Day

The Great American Grump Out is a day to focus on humour and positive behaviours, in an effort to lighten up the mood and ward off grumpiness, crabbiness, and rudeness for 24 hours. The day was started in 2002 by Janice A Hathy, an author and speaker who has presented stress reduction programs and has focused on improving mental, physical, and emotional health through her company Smile Mania. The day is for replacing stress with smiling and laughing. Allowing negative attitudes to overwhelm oneself leads to stress, which leads to grumpiness. Stress can also be bad for health, raising blood pressure and suppressing the immune system. With the Great American Grump Out, steps can be made to not only be less grumpy but to improve overall health. Celebrate the day by getting rid of your grumpiness and improving your overall health. Here are a few tips to get yourself on the right path: Laugh and smile! Watch a funny film or read something with humour. Do whatever you can to get yourself lau

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Laughter Yoga For Beginners

Laughter yoga helps you to concentrate on the funny side of life. Laughter Yoga was started by Dr Madan Kataria in 1995. It combines gentle yoga breathing (Pranayama), stretching, and laughter. The set of instructions below has some movements that seem difficult but move how you want the main thing is to keep laughing. 1. We lie on the back and relax. What is the joke of your life today? Because God has a sense of humor, he gives every person at least one joke per day. You just have to recognize it. If you can’t think of a joke, then laugh without reason. Laugh as you feel. You can say the mantra “ ha ha ha” or “ho, ho, ho” or “hee hee hee”. Every mantra is different and comes from a different part of the body. If you are feeling angry or sad, then you can also cry during laugh Yoga. In that case, the mantra “hoo hoo hoo” is appropriate. If you are angry, think “rage, rage, rage”. If you are angry with your ex-boyfriend, then you can yell “stupid man!” If you already feel like laughing

I'm Fine Thanks

      How many times in a week do you ask—or answer—the question, “How are you?” And how many times do you go through the motions, and skip the opportunity to really connect? Chances are you’re feeling more or less than just “fine.” The English language has literally thousands of words to describe how we feel. Check out our article,  More than simply fine  a long list of ways to express yourself. Next time someone asks you how you are doing, tell them like it really is. See how it changes your conversations.  

Dance it Wrong

Find a video online of a dance you love but don’t know how to do. Dance along with that video with the intention of dancing it wrong. See what it feels like to let loose and do it totally off kilter – but on in your own way!  Don’t know what video to choose? Pick a random one on YouTube. And there’s always my favorite - the final scene of Flashdance.  As you dance, make it all about messing it up and seeing how totally far from “right” you can actually be. Discover how you can make two left feet the most fun thing ever. Taking that first step is challenging because it’s a pattern interruption. That first step is about you choosing something outside your usual. Taking that first step can also bring you release and joy, especially if you’ve been comfortable feeling stuck or being busy. Grippo, Jess. DANCE WITH THIS BOOK: Start a Revolution with Your Body, Alone in Your Room. . Kindle Edition. 

Key Messages


Words of Wisdom, Sloooow Down!

"A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety." Aesop, 'The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse' Before you go to bed, pause & send good thoughts to the people you love. Spend hours reading without feeling guilt. Don't time your exercise. Work out for a reasonable, comfortable time and then stop. You decide what feels like a reasonable time by listening to your body.

CMHA Mental Health Week - Fact Sheet

Words of Wisdom: Ways to be creative even if you think you aren't

" A musician must make music, and an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to ultimately be at peace with himself."  Abraham Maslow Get over trying to be unique. You are a mashup of all your experiences and ideas and every person who has been important in your life even the bad ones. Intimidated by a blank page? Write down a line from one of your favourite songs and then write about the images it brings to mind. Look at the feelings it stirs up in you and write about them. Draw a picture, the only one that is going to see it so use stick figures if you want. Try your own hand at writing a verse or two or write a whole new song using everything I mentioned before. Don't quit too soon! Take the whole day or more if you want to.

Identifying emotions

Words of Wisdom: How to live wild here and now

"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joylessly, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware." -Henry Miller Revisit a project you abandoned during the past year. How can you make it succeed this time? Break out the good china, flowers, tablecloth, and candles for a great meal. Read up on something you have always wanted to know more about. That should do it for today. Fight Cabin Fever with these and many more ideas this month.

7 Tips For Owning Your Feelings