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ReFIRED, not Retired

What does it mean to be "ReFIRED," not retired? In other words, which direction is your deck chair facing? Are you looking back or looking ahead? Let's hope your deck chair is facing forward and:
*You are inspired to make the best of life after retiring.
*You realize that it is a time of freedom and choices.
*You don't feel guilty about making "selfish" decisions.
*You look at this time as a time of opportunity.
*You minimize regrets.

As I come ever nearer to that dreaded 60 I think more and more about my lifestyle and how it is not conducive to living life fully.

I admit that part of this feeling is the approaching spring. I always get little antsy as Spring approaches.

This year my word is "Future" because I want one and the way things are going right now I have maybe a 35% chance of having a long one. Though with the way the Professor & GD#1 have been nagging at me and pushing me beyond my self-imposed barriers that may have increased a little.

So since Ash Wednesday, I have made two changes to my lifestyle. I have reduced the amount of Coke Zero I drink. I am finding this one hard to keep but the second choice I made is even harder.

I haven`t told the professor about it so he is learning at the same time you are. When I stepped on the scale a few weeks back I found I was back up to the 220 lbs or about 100kg. It bothered me because I worked so hard to lose ten pounds and now half of it is back because I spent three months inside doing next to nothing. It also pissed me off.

I needed to get me a kick in the ass. One I needed to give myself cause when the Professor and GD1 start pushing me I just get pissy which makes me drag my feet. If I push myself I am more likely to follow through.

So my second choice was to spend the next 40 days ie the lenten period walking every day. Since distance would be too hard to figure out I decided to use time instead.

On Wednesday, February 26 I began walking through my building every day. Because there are 6 sets of 5 stairs and 2 sets of three stairs this takes me approx 10 minutes at my current pace. Step 1 is to decrease that to 5 minutes

Each day around 10 AM I do that walk, each Wednesday in the next six weeks I will increase it by one circuit until it became warm enough to take it outside. I figure that will be around  St. Patricks Day. Around the18th I figure it should be OK to go outside for my walk and every day after that until Easter Monday when I will decide to keep going or switch it up.

The outside part will be around the block at first then down to the grocery store for food. As I get stronger I plan to add a turn through the Millenium Park before going home. The Park begins behind the grocery store so it is an easy continuation.

My aim is for 15 minutes in the beginning. Then an incremental increase of 5 minutes each seven days to 30 minutes. I will be there by easter I think and at the end of the 40 days. After that I will reevaluate and see what to add next, might even join Joe for a cup of coffee at Tim's.


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