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Let's Talk About- Food

A Necessity of Life: A Dieters Nightmare

First off we are not supposed to call ourselves Dieters for some reason that term has become politically incorrect instead we are Lifestyle Changers. Like a change in the wording would change what we are trying to do.

Food begins with nutrition. Our bodies require a certain number of nutrients every day to function correctly. What those nutrients are is a hot topic of discussion as what nutrients in what quantity are the basis for all the diets out there. Everyone has an opinion and the poor consumer (us) gets so many contradicting instructions that we just say "F..k it! and give up.

Then there is the controversy as to rather a food needs to be cooked and the method of that cooking to get the best possible nutrition from it. I remember when you either boiled, fried or baked something, those were the choices we had for food preparation. Of course, steaming was out there but it wasn't something I was aware of until I was well into adulthood.

So how does a person reconcile the choices?

Do we choose one of the diet plans out there ... but that only works for a while then we get bored with it and change to another one ... the cycle repeats itself ad nauseam throughout our lives. Sometimes in late adulthood, we eat less and have an involuntary loss of weight but not always.

Let us think about this ...

According to the Canadian Food Guide, a serving is 1/2 cup for most things even meat (1/2 cup = 2.5 oz)

A healthy meal is 1/2 a plate of vegetables/fruit, 1/4 plate of grains, 1/4 plate meat/alternatives and a glass of water.

For females, the recommended intake per day is 7-8 servings of vegetables/fruit; 6-7 servings of grains & 2-4 servings of milk depending on your age range; 2 servings of meat/alternatives. For men, the amounts are mostly +1 more than women I'm assuming because of their usually larger body size.

Though from my reading the new guide has done away with the milk I was unable to find the recommended servings per day though I imagine if we stick with the ones above it will provide all of the nutrition we need.

If I were inclined to eat according to a plan I would simply follow the food guide. They even provide a page full of recipes that work within their guidelines.

Certainly sounds like it would be easier! Something to think about.


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