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Do you remember Common Courtesy?

Common Courtesy isn't so common any more ... that is what so many of my generation say.

I wonder how they would react if I reminded them that it was their job to teach their children and that many of them failed to do so. How do you expect a child to use manners if they have no example to follow.

Do you know the rules of common courtesy? I looked them up because I could only remember one for certain the one we all know.

Always remember to say "please" & "thank you".

 Common Courtesy is:
  • It includes listening instead of interrupting.
  • It means having patience — not only with everyone else but with yourself too.
  • Common courtesy means holding doors, saying hi, and smiling at others.
  • It means to recognize you aren’t the only person who exists in this world.
  • It means that when you are in a bad mood, that mood shouldn’t dictate your manners or how you treat others.
  • Common courtesy means respecting people in retail and who wait on you at restaurants and other establishments.
  • It means recognizing I am not in YOUR hurry. And you shouldn’t be in mine.
  • It includes letting others live their life while you live yours.
  • It means not making fun of others when they are “different” from you.
  • It means going somewhere else to talk on your cell phone because not everyone wants to hear you discuss how little Tommy is the best child ever. 
  • It means understanding we all have problems — and sometimes giving the benefit of the doubt is the best course of action.
  • It means being polite. It means being nice. It means not being an asshole.
Not all my own words but they are the rules I grew up with and I suspect most of you did too. But how many are still in use? How many do you still do?
Not so many these day, I know I don't. In fact, as I was reading over the list I realized that I only follow about half of them that makes me kinda sad. I always figured I was a nice person but nice does not equal mannerly.

Is it too late to change that? I don't know but I will try to be more mannerly in the future


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