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See What I Made!

I have been AWOL all month because I've been busy with a project with a dead-line. My daughter decided she wanted a lighted village for Christmas. She bought the houses and I made the displays. You can see the whole process on my Instagram . I have one more piece to make but there is no rush on it. I would like to have it available to her at the end of the week though certainly by the 5th of December. These are the finished pieces just before I sent them home.

I saw snow this morning!

First snow of this winter. I do not know why I was surprised! I mean my body has been telling me for weeks that it was coming. Still, as I stood looking out my window and saw it on the ground across the way I was blown away! Such a small amount of white to cause such a shock. It will be gone by tomorrow most likely but it does warn me that the cold that kills me will be here soon. It is the first day of November and the snow is fitting in another way, today would have been my dad's 90th birthday. That that was one of my first thoughts,,, The thing is I was not alone at least two others in my family also thought of my dad today. I hope he is in a good place with the woman he loved. I have a very small adventure list this month mainly because it is doctors month and by the end of it, I will have seen every medical practitioner that I deal with except for the dentist and him I saw last month. Between the medical appointments and the projects I am working on I will not have a l