I've been unwilling to write this month though I am not sure why. Part of it I suppose is the change in weather and the fact that my hips picked this year to go bad on me. I spent the last half of September and 2/3 rds of October unable to walk without pain and needing my cane whenever I went out. Since I hate to use the cane that means I didn't get out much.

The Professor stayed over for 10 days and we did a lot of things, (all of them fun), but I even had to beg off on a few of those after a couple of hours. It annoys the shit out of me. I am not happy with ageing right at the moment, oh I know it is a necessity but that doesn't make me like it any better.

I have a few of projects on the go.

I've reached the point where I can start testing layouts on the wall for the photo gallery. I have still not settled on a layout yet so I will experiment with some brown paper silhouettes this week. I've gone through and chosen a few photos for the wall. During the process, I realized I wasn't just looking for portraits but actual moments when their personalities showed through. When it is done I think it will not look much like a gallery

The year wall hanging is stalled not because I don't have the pieces. I have all 12 months sorted I just can't seem to settle myself down to the sewing and embellishing. I am not sure why that is but hopefully, I'll get back to it soon. It is sitting in its boxes right beside my desk so I see it every morning, I just haven't picked up the needle recently.

I was handed a new project last week and it is what has my interest at the moment. I have always wanted a Christmas village but never got around to getting one so when my daughter told me she wanted a Christmas village for a Christmas present I seized the opportunity. I am in the process of creating a display base for her. I am also regretting throwing all of my styrofoam away since that is what I'll be using to build it.

This is the basic idea. I am having trouble sourcing the styrofoam but once I figure that out the rest will be pretty easy I think. I may need to get a new tool but I have found them pretty cheap at Amazon so that is not as big a deal as it could be. I have a deadline on this of December 5th but I am hopeful I will get it done much quicker than that once I have the styrofoam in hand.

The total size when complete will be approx 4 feet by 1.5 feet by 3 feet high but I am planning to do it in small islands so that it can be stored easily between holidays. Each island will connect into a mountain at various levels so when setting it up it will look like one piece, well that's the plan anyway.

One step at a time!

Live Love Laugh


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