Frugal Fun

I do not leave my home very often. Mainly it is because I don't need to. I have family who will do my running around for me.

I like it that way most of the time but there are some days that I just can't stay inside any more. On those days I always find a reason for going outside. Mainly I'll walk in the garden or sometimes to the corner store to get myself a treat but some times I'll walk to look at other peoples gardens or to look at the changing trees or nearby Christmas decorations.

I take photos as I go so what I see is concrete not just in my head. The best part of this is that 1) it's free and 2) it's fun and 3) it's healthy.

There are other things you can do that are free or nearly so as well.

1) Go to the library choose a couple of magazines you like and sit in one of the armchairs and read them

2) The library also hosts some hobby groups like a book club or knitting club that are free. The library sometimes even provides the books for the reading club

3) Senior groups provide game nights for their members and the annual fee is not outrageous. They have all kinds of things from fitness classes to lawn bowling. Of course you need to be a senor but these days that is often defined as 55 or older and I'm sure most of you have reached that age.

4) There are other groups like Toastmasters that charge a small annual fee and are great fun to get involved in.

I like annual fees because you pay it once a year and then don't have to worry about it until next year. Also, some groups offer prorated fees, that is the further into their year you join the less it costs you. Mind it also means that you will have less time to enjoy it before you need to pay again. Still, if you pay for three months and find you don't like it after that time you don't have to renew.

Some groups also have the option to pay as you go but that means that each time you go you need to have that $7 or whatever with you when you show up but it also means that if you can't make it or have decided the group isn't for you then you haven't wasted any money.

The last option is rare but when you find them the event usually turns out to be pretty cool. These are the ones that say pay-what-you-can or bring a canned food item. Some of these are a lot of fun I'm told.


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