What a mess Part 2

I have gone through 6 out of 25 shelves and can not believe what a packrat I am. Right now there are several categories of items on the shelves.

Books: All kinds from learning to dance to the study of Psalmistry. I have only sorted one shelf of books so far, I have five. Ideally, I'd like to get that down to two but I have several antique books that though they have limited use I am reluctant to give away. There are several subject areas as well, some of them are from old hobbies and some are for new ones. I am reluctant to
give up my doll making books for example because I still want to make dolls it has just been delayed for a bit as I become more proficient at sewing.

Quilt patches: both knitted and sewn blocks that are waiting to be pieced together into blankets

Knitting: I gave away a lot of yarn at the yard sale but I still have a lot and some looms I want to use them on as well as several hand knits I want to do and a few scrap yarn projects like a summer wreath

Kits: From silk screening to learning Chinese brush painting. Crafts I want to try but haven't got to yet

Door Decorations: Wreaths & flags for various holidays

Embroidery: Embroidery thread, Hoops and Aida cloth plus some transfers

Others: some crazy quilt squares that are unfinished, Sticky whiteboard paper, fabric, fairy garden bits, exercise equipment and jewellery

And that is only some of what I've found in those six boxes. I went looking at Ikea for inserts that can divide up the 13 x 13 x 13 cubes and found several really cheap ones. They will have to wait until next month but I will certainly be asking the Professor to pick them up for me.

Surprising to me is the fact that there was very little left-over from the paper arts I was doing at the beginning of the year. Most of what is left are tools like staplers and embossers and cutters. I am reluctant to give them away because they were expensive and I still have a couple of things paper related that I want to do including self-publishing a book of my poetry. I have also found out that I can use the bigger cutter to cut shapes from fabric to use on the quilt patches.


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