Secondhand Wardrobe Day

Vinnie's has opened a third store. I didn't know they had two already but that is what the article said. I know the building they have set up in, it used to be a funeral home. I am looking forward to going to check it out next month.

Why next month because currently I have two cents to my name and I know if I go there I'm going to spend money. It is very seldom that I go there and don't buy at least one thing. But why am I mentioning that here?

Well it turns out that there is a special day called Secondhand Wardrobe Day. I did a search on google cause I wanted to see if there was much about it online. I should have known better. I got over four million hits. A lot of them were advertisements for various stores but I did find a couple of articles that looked promising.

The first one talks about a "Zero Waste Wardrobe" which I thought was a really good way to look at it. We all want to save money and help the environment and anything Zero Waste is good for that. 

You have heard me talk about capsule wardrobes this is another way to make wardrobe minimalization work and makes it cheaper because instead of spending big money on a single piece you can find a similar piece at a much-reduced price at a thrift store.

The second article I found is where I found the image above is called "How to Curate a Second-hand Capsule Wardrobe". As it happens this one is Canadian and based on finds from Value Village so take a look

But again what does that have to do with me? As it happens I have been researching ways to save my wardrobe even though some of the stuff in it is getting a little thin in places. 

I have only become acquainted with sewing machines in this past year but one of the reasons I was so interested in getting one was so that I could alter old pieces to make them new ones. Or at least new to me. I have several pairs of tights and t-shirts that are starting to wear in certain places. I have also had a craving for skirts lately and while buying new is nice I would rather not spend the money on them when I can make them

That Wikihow shows trousers but the same methods should work with tights. I mean to find out during this winter.

Live, Love, Laugh


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