Oh my God, What a mess.

GD#1 came over yesterday to work on a t-shirt quilt that she is making which kinda lead to me beginning an inventory so I know not only what I have but where it is.

sorta like this
We had to search several shelves just to find the unfinished quilt, then we had to look for the thread ripper so she could fix the mistake she had made, then she needed the rotary cutter to cut the patch she needed, (never did find that), but she ended up using scissors cause I could not remember where I had last seen it.

As she was leaving I apologized for not being more organized, she suggested that I do an inventory. Sounded like a good idea to me. I could find out what I have, where it is and cull what I don't want to keep. After I know what I have I'll put them in some sort of order that is what I have that 5 x 5 shelf for.

my 5 x5 ikea Kallax
The last bat house needs a couple of more layers and the clearcoat then it is ready to go. The landlady has found a Welcome sign she likes so I do not need to make one. I may anyway just to see if I can but it is no longer a rush item. As I told her yesterday I am looking for the next project seems like this is a good one to get done.

Seems to me that I have a lot of half finished projects and I've only gone through 3 of the 25 shelves so I'm thinking instead of starting new projects I would be better off completing the ones I already have. Some of them will be much easier with the sewing machine and it will be good practice for me.

Wish me luck.


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