I like to colour

Do you like to colour?

I do but like most of the stuff I do I colour on my tablet. Using pencil crayons and markers makes my hands hurt with the tablet they don't. But what can you do if you don't have a tablet?

Well, there are always the colouring books and crayons from the dollar store, (yes I said crayons they are fun), and do it the old fashioned way. Plus I've found that using crayons hurt less than using the other stuff.

If you have a printer and don't want to leave your home you can download lots of colouring pages online.

Just Color has over 1500 free pages for you to print and colour.

Super Coloring had a lot of pictures and you can print them or colour them online

And if you do a search for colouring pages in Google images you will find many more

If you don't have a printer there are several colour by number apps for your phone and PC

Microsoft has Get Zen
The App Store has Happy Color for Android and IOS - This is the one I have on my tablet. You need to be on Wi-fi but there are lots of places you can connect Tim Hortons & the Library are two public ones.

Have fun and spend some time colouring today I intend to. Right click and save as to get this colouring page:


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