Style part 2

I talked about finding your style but finding your style is only the first part. Once you find your style then you actually have to find a wardrobe.

It is often the case that our closets are full of  "stuff". Things we would not wear or don't fit our style. So what do we do?

My style does not lend itself to pants but if yours does then you will find the following a little help.

The absolute least number of clothes you can have two tops & two pairs of pants but it isn't encouraged because it means that you will need to do a small wash every day and if you pay for the machines as I go that can get really expensive.

The recommended wardrobe varies a little depending on rather you need only a casual ie everyday wardrobe or both a casual & a work wardrobe. Those with uniforms are super lucky that way because all you need is three uniforms. People who work in an office need a few more things. What depends on the formality of your job and the company you work for.  I won't go into that as I have little experience in offices.

I like capsule wardrobes:

They begin with a base colour, sometimes two so that the pieces can be mixed and matched. Mine are red and black. 90 % of my wardrobe is red, black or a combination of the two. I also have two different wardrobes. One is dresses, shorts & t-shirts for the summer. The other one is warm tights, t's and sweaters for the colder weather. Usually one or the other is packed away and only the one for the season is out.

The image above is for a classic style, mine is filled with patterns not solids, your style and colors will be different as well.

Do you have a colour or colours the are prominent in your wardrobe?


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