Yet another reason to love Paris

Paris has 6 carousels, one of them is over 100 years old and still runs daily. I really need to get my passport and a lot of money because there is so much to see and do there and I really want to go before I die. It has been my dream forever!

Today's topic is not Paris though today I want to share some pictures of a few truly beautiful carousels.

There are several in the States like this one in Brooklyn:

or this one in New York

This Conservation carousel is located in Los Angeles

There are several in NewYork State that look interesting from a photographers viewpoint (ie Mine) and a trip there would be considerably easier than a trip to Paris. Maybe I'll plan one for next year to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. Time will tell I guess. I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of the prettiest carousels I've ever seen.

Live, Love, Laugh


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