Red Rose Day

Red Rose Day is dedicated to red roses, which represent love.

It’s fitting that Red Rose Day takes place in June, as roses have just come into full bloom, and more weddings happen during this month than any other.

They are the most popular cut flower, as well as the most popular flower to grow.

Celebrate the day by: 

  • Buying or picking roses for someone you love.
  • Going to a rose garden.
  • Tend to your own flowers 
  • Learn about how to grow roses if you don’t have your own.
For me, it is a remembrance of a rose bush that grew beside my parents' mailbox, during the spring and early summer they smelled divine. Roses with a proper scent are so hard to find in the shops so I would always cut a sprig off of the bush to bring home with me. I looked through my photos but wasn't able to find a picture of it in bloom and nothing less would do. I found this searching with google and it looks much like the roses my dad had.


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