Putting my best foot forward

Once a year I go get a hair cut. Tomorrow is that day.

Actually, for the last four, it has been a hair shave, that is every hair on my head was cut to an mm of its life. This year to celebrate my 59th year I decided to modify the cut a little as the hot flashes and the symptoms of menopause have been on the decline letting me hope I have finally entered Post-Menopause

I decided I was going to do some research on what kind of cut I wanted. Along the way, I learned a little bit of hairdresser speak.

I look carefully at Jamie Lee Curtis and Dame Judi Dench as they are the epitome of style for the older woman but while both cuts were interesting neither was what I wanted though Jamie Lee comes close.
Silvery Dream

Pixie with fade
I like the top layer it is short but longer than the sides so there is a little on top to play with and dress up plus it is still easy to take care of. For the sides and back, I want to go shorter. You see how the hair fades from the long top to the really short area around the ears this is what I am thinking of doing. That way I get a cooler haircut for the summer but it still has the potential for dress-up if I need to.

Black, Blue and Purple all over
Then I decided I wanted to add some colour but I wasn't sure how I wanted to incorporate it.

They call the above left way of adding colour Balayage. I like Silvery Dream but I am not sure it is quite the right combo for me. The one to the right is interesting but I want to work with the salt & pepper that is my current hair colour not go black.

The one below right shows an idea that might work with the hair cut fairly well and there is room in it for the natural silver that is in my hair. I'm not sure if I would get the fade dyed purple like that and while I like the barely-there look of the one on the left I am not sure it isn't too subtle

Well tomorrow I'll talk to the hairdresser and see what she recommends and as usual, I'll share a picture of the finished do. Have a Great Day!

Almost Perfect


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