National Clay Week

Clay Week began yesterday, as all of you know I am a crafty type person so yesterday I tried to find the one remaining brick of air dry clay I have. I planned to create a fairy tower using a 750mL plastic coke bottle & the clay. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it so I ordered some which I hope will be here tomorrow.

I wasn't sure how much clay would be left afterwards but I figured if I had to I had all the ingredients to make my own clay Really all you need is salt, flour & water for most of them.

Since it is a seven-day thing I thought I'd make a few things I could sell at the yard sale at the end of the month. As usual, I went trolling on Pinterest and found so many things I wanted to try but I had to remind myself not to wear myself out as we are travelling this coming weekend to a RenFairre and to St Jacobs which sounds like a shoppers paradise so I need to keep as much energy as possible for all that walking around.

That being said I did not want to leave only part of the brick used as it can dry out really quickly so I figured I'd make a couple of tealight holders and some coasters. When they are complete I will upload them to Instagram & Facebook

How is this holiday celebrated?

It's celebrated by learning about clay. Touch it, feel it, study it- better yet, take a pottery class and make a keepsake for yourself! It's fun to bring the whole family into the fun by having the whole gang make something in clay.

If you have a classroom, let this be the week the class does clay activities- coffee cups and candy dishes are always popular for students in classrooms to make. Or even suggest that clay be the special activity for art class. It's also fun to play with molding clay and making some neat clay forms. Kids love to make all types of animals.

Pass on some fun facts about pottery to your family and friends this week!


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