It's all about Attitude!

But here's the thing it has been my experience that people mainly focus on the negative things in their lives. Very few of us will look at the past day and say what a great day it's been instead we will think I could have, should have, would have done things differently if I had time to think. Life does not allow us time to consider our answers at least not often all that stuff become a repeating cycling in our minds of different scenarios all stemming from one word or action that we took in a negative way within a full, fun day. Sometimes that cycling prevents us from sleeping properly. And that is the crux of today's post. A positive attitude begins and ends with a proper sleeping pattern.

As soon as I become aware that my thoughts are cycling through the same word or action over an over again I first switch my focus to my breathing and concentrate on it, letting soft, full breathes calm my mind.

If that doesn't work and sometimes it doesn't I'll get out of bed, grab my journal and write what is going on in my head down. Afterwards, I'll read it, I find that when I am forced to do this that the problem or issue once written down becomes less of a big issue and more like a tiny and pointless one. Once that mountain becomes a molehill I am relaxed and feel positive which I take with me into sleep and out into the next day.

There are other ways to generate a positive attitude such as:

Beginning the day with a smile- smile at yourself in the mirror and you will find you feel happier and more positive going into the day

Read some positive affirmations or quotes with your morning coffee or if reading isn't your thing listen to some upbeat music or a positive message video from YouTube. Most people have smartphones or a computer of some kind so getting access to such positive messages should be easy

If you want something with a little more meat in it check out one of these positive attitude books

And lastly, begin the day by thinking of and writing down three-five things that you are grateful for. They don't even have to be big things. The sun, your senses, your home, food, things we take for granted but other's don't have like clean water and a bed to sleep in.

Then get up and face the rest of your day with a smile and a positive vibe.


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