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Adventurous Walks to Take

One of my goals this month is to spend as much time outside and moving as possible. Like all things done often a walk around the block can get boring. so what can you do to make it more interesting?

I've told you about the photo a day option I think but there are other ways to enjoy the outdoors
besides following a set list of prompts. And in the process improve your observation skills and your creativity.

I have written about "filling your bucket" as a way to get out of a creative slump. I think I first read about it in  "The Artist's Way" but it could have come from any number of sources. What happens is that over time if you do not keep adding new experiences to your memory your creativity becomes barren. "Filling your bucket" is a way to express the need for an artistic personality for constant stimulation. Creativity is what happens when stimulation meets imagination and becomes something new. Filling your bucket is adding stimulation.

1) Alphabet walk- Go for a walk and look for items in alphabetical order. A for Ant, B for blue sky etc.

2) Get a book on Wild Foraging from Amazon or your local library and take it with you for a walk in a park that is still mostly natural. Harvest some of the things in the book to prepare at home for a change of taste.

3) Colour Walk- You know those paint chip things you've collected from the hardware store. Take them with you on a walk and see if you can match the colours in nature.

4) Have a local creek in your area, research it if possible then grab your rubber boots and explore it for yourself.

5) Geology Walk - Look around as you walk and notice the different types of rocks and where they appear, maybe grab a couple to paint or collect a couple for a display that you really like the look of

6) We have already talked about scavenger hunts but have you ever thought about writing your own list then go out to see if you can find them? Make it interesting like "a house for a mouse" or a "raft for an ant".

7) Smell Walk- Take big breaths as you walk and seek out as many different smells as you can find

8) Pay attention to the sounds around you as you walk, see how many you can identify.

9) Texture walk- Make a list of textures like rough, smooth, hard, soft etc and as you walk touch things around you to find things with those textures.

And of course, take photos as you go to further boost your creative process when you get back to your crafting desk.


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